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About Engage Digital Media

Engage! Expo is owned and operated by Engage Digital Media. Engage Digital Media is a leading provider of trade events and media with a focus on social media, virtual worlds, user engagement and games. Events include Engage! Expo, Engage! Expo San Jose, Digital Law Conference, Virtual Goods Conference and 3D Training Learning and Collaboration (3DTLC) Conference. The company also publishes timely market research and leading industry news blogs and

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Tonda Bunge
Vice President
tonda @ engagedigital . com

Tim Williams
Vice President
Sales and Marketing
tim @ engagedigital . com

Chris Sherman
Founder and CEO
chris @ engagedigital . com



September 23-24, 2009 - San Jose, CA.
Engage! Expo San Jose
Digital Law Conference
Virtual Goods Conference
3D Training Learning and Collaboration (3D TLC)

March 10-11, 2009 - New York City
Engage! Expo 2009

September 3-4, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA
Virtual Worlds Expo 2008


P.O. Box 200489
Austin, TX 78613 


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