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Carlin West
Executive VP, Acquisitions & Development
4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

Carlin C.West serves as Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Development, for leading children’s entertainment company 4Kids Entertainment Inc. West is responsible for the acquisition and implementation of licensing, advertising, public relations and marketing programs. Her tenure at 4Kids has included the launch and execution of Pokémon, World Championship Wrestling and Yu-Gi-Oh! as well as the highly successful return of the one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kids, Monster Jam, Artlist Collection The Dog (LIMA 2004 Best Art License) and The Cat (The Dog and The Cat/ McDonald’s promotion was named License! Magazine’s Best Quick Service Restaurant Premium of 2005) and The American Kennel Club to highlight some of the high profile brands she has been involved in.

Ms. West joined 4Kids Entertainment in 1993 as a consultant and independent television producer with her creation of WMAC (World Martial Arts Council) Masters, a live action martial arts-themed weekly television series for children. WMAC Masters was 4Kids Entertainment’s first broadcast television series.







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