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Jason Robar
Vice President
The Amazing Society - A Gazillion Entertainment Game Studio

Jason Robar joined Microsoft in 1994 to make Windows a better gaming platform. In the Developer Relations Group, he was responsible for establishing relationships for Microsoft with almost all game publishers and developers worldwide. In 1999 he joined Microsoft's game division and worked towards expanding the role of in supporting online gaming. In 2000, he joined Go2Net to help lead to be a cross-device gaming platform.

In 2001, he started an independent game industry consulting group working on outsourcing in Asia, game design, technology, and business development with a focus on online, MMPs, advergaming, Asian markets, and the convergence between the game industry and the government modeling, simulation and training industry.

In 2004, he led the development of a major training game for DARPA called DARWARS Ambush! to help in the training of convoy personnel.

In 2005, he founded Secret Lair Studios/Studio Ch'in, an independent development group with teams in Seattle, Washington, USA, and Shanghai, China. The group was working on PC MMORPG technology and content for western and Chinese markets, and also secured rights to develop on Xbox360 Live Arcade, including projects like Carcassonne for XBLA.

In 2006, Sierra Online (a Vivendi Games Studio) acquired the group to form their internal development team.

In 2008, Jason formed The Amazing Society, now a studio of Gazillion Entertainment. The Amazing Society is focused on making online games for kids and families with Marvel Super Hero Squad Online as their first project.








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