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John Vechey
PopCap Games

John Vechey co-founded PopCap Games with Brian Fiete and Jason Kapalka in 2000, and served as the company’s interim CEO until 2003, heading up business development and securing some of PopCap’s largest partnerships with major Web portals and game publishers. John now manages PopCap’s direct-to-consumer experience as director of, overseeing all aspects of the company’s Web site and online presence and directing PopCap’s e-commerce, privacy/security and online games services. Previously, John helped design and develop online games for, the Internet games division of Sierra Online. Before that, John worked in partnership with Brian Fete, while both were Purdue University students, to create, sell and help oversee future development of an online action game called ARC. John is also active in the independent film industry, having directed seven short films and having recently joined Lockspring Pictures, a Seattle-based film production company, as principal investor.








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