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Jouni Keranen
Founder and President

Founder of a virtual world company based in Shanghai, China, Jouni is a serial entrepreneur and social media expert who has been working with virtual worlds and software outsourcing for the past 10 years. Combining his experience on virtual worlds and offshore software delivery, Jouni is in charge of iLemon's global business development and company's overall strategy, leading iLemon's multicultural teams to create innovative virtual worlds across geographical and cultural borders. Jouni's vision for virtual worlds are active niche communities engaging users around specific interest, brand or activity and seamlessly interlinked with web 2.0 services for easy to access socializing, user generated content and games/entertainment.

Previously Jouni was President and Regional Director of Habbo Hotel, world's largest virtual world with over 100 million users, in China. In the late 1990's, while living in India's Silicon Valley Bangalore, Jouni founded a software outsourcing company which grew to over 60 people in four countries. Currently splitting his time between China and the US, Jouni is a Master of Science graduate from Helsinki School of Economics in Finland.







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