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Kris Soumas
Head of Games
A&E Television Networks

Kris Soumas is Head of Games, for AETN Digital Media, a division of A&E Television Networks. Based in New York, Soumas oversees AETN’s gaming initiative, which includes the Games channel on, the social gaming site DressUpChallenge, and the Facebook game, Parking Wars. Soumas was responsible for Lifetime Networks’ acquisition of, which brings more than 1,000 fashion and style games to the Lifetime Games portfolio. Soumas also manages Lifetime Game Studios Korea, which is headquartered in Seoul, and’s U.S. operations, based in San Francisco, that focuses on business development, technology and sales. Before joining AETN, she was an original member of the team that developed and She produced® from 1996 to 1998, and prior to that worked in CD-ROM game development for Creative Wonders, ABC’s joint venture with Electronic Arts. 







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