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Supporters Include

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Previous Speakers

Select past speakers have included:

Tucker Aaron, Lead Strategist, Animax Entertainment
Larry Andreini, ZEO, RIDEMAKERZ
Erikka Arone, VP Business Development, Zong
Maria T. Bailey, CEO, BSM Media
Jennifer Bartlett, Business Development Manager, Sometrics
Chris Bergstresser, Co-founder and CEO, Webcarzz, Inc.
Dr. James M. Bower Ph.D., Founder, Chairman, and CVO, Numedeon Inc.
Paula Brillson, President and Founder, GoCarz LLC
Daniel Buelhoff, Head of Business Development & Community Management, sMeet
Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation®Home, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, VP of Research, Video Games, Interpret LLC
Timothy Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Ro Choy, Vice President of Business Development, RockYou
Lee Clancy Jr., VP of Product Management & General Manager of Direct Revenue, IMVU
Jorian Clarke, CEO, Circle 1 Network
Jesse Cleverly, Connective Media
Benjamin T. Duranske, Attorney, Pillsbury
Rob Frasca, CEO, Viximo
Dan Ferguson, Founder and Director of Game Development, Blockdot, Inc.
Jared Freedman, President, Code4Software LLC
Barry Gilbert, VP & Research Director, Strategy Analytics
Michael Gold, CEO, Electrotank
Richard Gottlieb, President, Richard Gottlieb & Associates, LLC
Darren Green , Co-founder, SmallWorlds
Phil Guest, Senior Vice President, Global Advertising, Sulake Inc.
Neil Harris, Executive Vice President, Simutronics
Eric Hartness, Chief Marketing Officer, PlaySpan Inc.
Martin Herdina, CEO, FatFoogoo
Julie Hochheiser, Senior Web Editor,
Steven Hoffman, CEO, RocketOn, Inc.
Charles Edward Hudson, VP of Business Development, Serious Business
Teemu Huuhtanen, President, North America & EVP Habbo Business, Sulake Corporation Ltd.
Nabeel Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Conduit Labs
Joe Hyrkin, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Gaia Online
Dan Jansen, CEO and Co-Founder, Virtual Greats
Sean Kane, Attorney, Drakeford & Kane LLC
Marta Kagan, Vice President of Marketing, Viximo
Jouni Keranen, President, iLemon
Thom Kidrin, President/CEO, Inc.
Albert Lai, CEO, Kontagent
Pierre Le Lann, Co-CEO, Tribal Nova
Dr. Andreas Lober, Partner, SchulteRiesenkampff
Kenneth Locker, SVP Digital Media, Cookie Jar Entertainment
David Luner, SVP Interactive & Consumer Products, FremantleMedia Enterprises, North America
Jesse Manuel, Director of Marketing, Super Rewards
Jen Martel, Media Supervisor, Digital Communications, Universal McCann
Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Hip hop artist and co-founder of Run-DMC
Sean McGowan, Managing Director, Equity Research Department, Needham & Company
Keith McCurdy, CEO and Co-Founder, Vivaty
Ravi Mehta, Vice President, Viximo
Nic Mitham, CEO, K Zero
Philippe Moitroux, CEO, TAATU
Sergio Monsalve, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Izzy Neis, Senior Community Manager, Six Degrees Games, Inc.
John L. Nicholson, Senior Associate, Pillsbury's Global Sourcing
Jason Oberfest, Vice President of Business Development, MySpace
Jerry Paffendorf, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Wello Horld, Inc.
Matt Palmer, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Stardoll
Laurie Petersen, General Manager, Minyanville Family Media Inc.
Michael H. Pinkerton, COO, Metaverse Mod Squad
Joi Podgomy, VP, Interactive Development, Ludorum
Amy Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer, Metaverse Mod Squad
Lisa Rutherford, President, Twofish, Inc.
Sabri Sansoy, Chief Technology Officer, Animax Entertainment
Sally Schmidt, Executive Producer, Circle 1 Network
Andrew Schneider, Co-Founder and President, Live Gamer
Joey Seiler, Editor,, Virtual Worlds Weekly
Mike Sellers, CEO, Online Alchemy
Christopher V. Sherman, Executive Director, Founder, Virtual Worlds Management
Ted Sorom, CEO, Rixty, Inc.
Reuben Steiger, CEO and Founder, Millions of Us
Thomas Swalla, President Online, Knowledge Adventure
Ian Swanson, Founder and CEO, Sometrics
Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company
Margaret Wallace, CEO, Rebel Monkey
Mark Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder, Wello Horld, Inc.
Regine Weiner, Service Game Director, NR2B Research, Inc.
Jeff Weiser, Head of Analytics, SGN (Social Gaming Network)
Jeremy Zorn, Vice President of Product Development, myYearbook










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