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Sheetal Nehra

Sheetal established Surfpin in 2002 and is the Founder and CEO. He supervises the company’s overall strategy to ensure Surfpin is at the cutting edge of phone and mobile payment methods for web monetization.

Prior to Surfpin, Sheetal spent eight years at News Corporation both in London and Hong Kong. His early roles there involved the launch of a CRM management system to handle 10 million subscribers for Star TV Asia and BSkyB. Internally he then established a consulting division along with 3 other consultants which in turn advised and sold to the likes of Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, Disney and MTV. This division pioneered interactive TV including the concept of personal video recorders. It was during this time while working on some gaming projects that Sheetal came up with the idea of mobile and phone payments for the Internet and hence Surfpin was born.

Sheetal enjoys playing the guitar and singing, yoga and relaxing holidays on a beach when he can. He has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science along with an MBA, both from Imperial College, London.







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