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Conference Keynote:  1 pm to 2 pm - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Tor Sirset
Vice President of Marketing, Girls/Preschool
Bandai America Incorporated

Bandai America Incorporated, a leader in introducing Japanese toys to the U.S., is expanding its dominance in the boys market to the girls category. Core to that effort is the integration of online elements into the majority of these toys, including Tamagotchi and Harumika. In an engaging onstage interview, Tor Sirset, Vice President of Marketing, Girls/Preschool at Bandai, will discuss the strategy behind this rollout and how the Internet plays an increasingly important role in the crafting and marketing of toys.

An expert in entertainment licensed characters and girls brands, Sirset previously served as Vice President of Marketing and Design for the Girls and Youth Electronics Division of Playmates Toys where he gained industry recognition for successfully launching and sustaining top girls, kids, entertainment and infant brands for Mattel, LeapFrog and Playmates.







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