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Carol Spieckerman
President & CEO

Carol Spieckerman, president and ceo of newmarketbuilders, is a noted authority on directional developments in retail and direct-to-retail positioning. Her firm’s category-agnostic, retailer-centric strategies position clients for high volume opportunities with major retailers. newmarketbuilders’ clients include global brands, licensors, agencies, and suppliers to Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers in multiple channels.

In her presentations, Carol cuts through the clutter by bringing distilled and actionable insights that her audiences can immediately leverage in direct-to-retail marketing, positioning, presentations and talk track. Q&A is her "favorite part" and she relishes tackling tough retail challenges and providing targeted, real-world applications on the fly.

Carol is the author of Ready, Set, Whoa! Are you Really Ready for Retailers? and a regular contributor to leading retail and business forums, websites and publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, DSN Retailing Today, Global Toy News, and other prominent media outlets. She is a long-standing panelist on Retail Wire and her blog is considered to be a must-read among retail industry leaders.



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