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David Stewart
Director of Product

David is a Senior Director of Virality and Performance Marketing at Playdom, where he leads the company's viral and organic traffic strategies. Previously, he was the Product Marketing lead for YouTube's Platforms and Partnerships, and before that the Business Marketing lead Google's Commerce team, which includes Google Analytics, Checkout, and Product Search. Prior to working at Google he was a Senior Associate at the Boston Consulting Group. He also held positions as a reporter at TIME Magazine; a strategist for an African aid agency; and a door-to-door knife salesman. David holds a BA and MBA from Yale University.


11:00 - 11:30 am - September 23, 2010 in Virtual Goods track
Building and Launching a Top App on Facebook: Social City
Playdom is one of a small group of developers that has created games that have reached millions of daily active users on Facebook within days of launch. This post mortem analyzes how this happens, with a particular focus on the launch strategy and tactics, virality, user lifetime value, cross-promotion, and paid acquisition. One of Playdom's top titles of 2010, Social City, will be the subject for a detailed case study to illustrate these concepts.



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