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Ian Swanson

As the co-founder and CEO of Sometrics, Ian Swanson brings together publishers, advertisers and consumers from all types of online experiences – MMOs, casual and social games. As the visionary of Sometrics, he helps maximize revenue for publishers, drive traffic and leads for advertisers, and enhance gameplay for consumers with Sometrics’ technology. The company’s offerings allow partners to learn which audience demographics are responding to specific offers, and directs traffic accordingly to optimize conversions and increase revenue.

Under Ian’s leadership, Sometrics launched the industry’s first virtual currency platform in December 2008, helping publishers manage all virtual currency monetization from multiple offer providers. Today, the company’s Offer Solution and Payment Manager have a global reach with more than 4,000 ads across the global network.

Before launching Sometrics, Ian was business development manager for Userplane, an AOL company that provides social media applications to hundreds of thousands of online communities, supporting millions of users daily. He was instrumental in helping the company extend the reach of its hosted chat, IM and other communications applications, and in building the company’s advertising network. Before Userplane, Ian was an executive with Sprint and helped launch two mobile Web startups.


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