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Featured Session

9:00 - 9:30 am - September 23, 1010 in Game, Toy and Tech

Angry Birds: Turning an iPhone-Originated Brand
Into A Powerhouse Entertainment Franchise

Rovio's Angry Birds iPhone game has become a sensation, having surpassed 6.5 million downloads since it's release in December 2009. In this special interview gain exclusive insight into Rovio's strategy on how the company is leveraging Angry Birds success. Learn how Rovio is the first company to take an iPhone originated game and turning that intellectual property into a broad entertainment franchise. Merchandising will be a key activity very soon and more entertainment deals are on the way. In this special featured interview Peter Vesterbaka, who helms the company's North American expansion, share's the company's strategy and his insight on how most mobile game developers are thinking too narrowly when building a game franchise.


Peter Vesterbacka
Mighty Eagle
Rovio (creators of the iPhone hit Angry Birds)

Peter helms the North American operations of Rovio, creators of Angry Birds, an iPhone game which has surpassed 6.5 million downloads since it's release in December 2009. Peter also manages the companies marketing and business strategy, including expanding the Angry Birds franchise into a broader entertainment franchise. Peter is also the founder of Some Bazaar, a new approach to building and growing new businesses. Prior to this Peter worked for HP in several communications industry related roles. While at HP Peter founded the HP Mobile E-Services Bazaar, a global innovation & corporate partnership program that BoozAllenHamilton declared an industry benchmark. Peter is also co-founder and the original initiator of MobileMonday.



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