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Rich Weil
Vice President of Client Services
Metaverse Mod Squad

Rich Weil is the Vice President of Client Services at Metaverse Mod Squad. At Metaverse, he is responsible for project management, client services, business development and professional development of Metaverse staff.

Formerly the Community Director for Cartoon Network's Massive Multiplayer Online game, FusionFall, his responsibilities included managing the FusionFall community team, being the primary point of contact between the players and the developers, serving as a spokesman at shows and events, and working with Marketing, PR and Business Development on a wide range of initiatives.

Prior to joining Cartoon Network, Weil also served as Director of Community Relations and Support at Kaneva, a virtual world and social networking company in Atlanta, Georgia. Weil also managed the Community Relations teams at NCSoft in Austin, Texas for the City of Heroes, City of Villains, Lineage, Lineage II, Tabula Rasa, PlayNC and Auto Assault titles.

A long-time MMO enthusiast, Rich is a consistent advocate of new and creative ways to engage and support the online gaming community, and is a proponent of Community Relations as a distinct discipline within the gaming industry. He is a frequent speaker at major industry events, including the Game Developers Conference, SXSW, LOGIN Conference, and Engage!

Prior to joining the game industry in 2004, Weil worked in Human Resources and Management, including as HR Director for a software development consultancy in Austin, Texas.


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