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Scott Traylor
CEO and Founder

Scott Traylor, CEO & Chief KID of 360KID Scott Traylor defines the vision behind the Boston-based digital consulting firm known as 360KID. This youth-focused company specializes in product ideation, market testing, and product development as a service to companies interested in engaging kids through interactive media in the consumer marketplace as well as in the classroom. In the early days of 360KID, Scott also doubled as a computer science teacher for 12 years, working with graduate students to develop online experiences for children. He started the 360KID business 20 years ago with his spouse, Diana Traylor, who is also a teacher, and together they set out to define and explore new ways to engage children through interactivity. Scott is actively involved in research, writing, and speaking about child engagement through new technologies, social media, and various consumer-based delivery systems. He also speaks frequently at consumer and education events related to kids and technology. Scott is a Board of Director and Trustee member to two youth-focused organizations and also advises a small number of venture backed online startups for kids.



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