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Call for Speakers

Engage! Expo is where technology companies, brands, media and agencies learn how to combine their existing online efforts with the unparalleled engagement opportunities and new revenue streams of attention-based media.  This year's fall show takes place September 23-24, 2009 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. The call for speakers is now open.

What To Prepare

cPlease prepare to provide the following items.

1. Speaker email address
2. Speaker first and last name
3. Company Name
4. Job Title (occupation)
5. Phone Number
6. Mailing Address + City, State, Zip Code and Country
7. Speaker's Web Site
8. Speaker Bio (100 words)
9. Subject you would like to speak on?
10. Presentation Format options:
             60-minute Lecture
             60-minute Panel
             60-minute case study
             30-minute case study
11. Title of your presentation
12. What virtual world platforms will be referenced in your session
13. Audience level (All, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
14. Additional speakers in your session, if any
15. Presentation description (100 words)
16. Intended audience and prerequisites (50 words)
17. The takeaway from this presentation. (e.g. What will attendees learn?) (50 words)





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