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Caroline C. Avey
Learning Strategist
ACS Learning Services

Caroline Avey is a learning strategist with ACS Learning Services. She has over 15 years experience in instructional strategy, design and development, working on custom and generic projects for Fortune 500 clients and public agencies. Currently, she is known for her work on developing strategies and practical applications of learning in 3D-virtual worlds and with web 2.0 learning applications. She has experience in designing, developing and facilitating learning for 3D virtual worlds and 2.0 assets. ACS is a large, global professional services outsourcing firm, with ACS Learning Services providing the range of multi-national, corporate learning to include strategy, content development, delivery and technology solutions.

In a more traditional learning strategist role, she has assisted clients with development of learning paths, competency models, curriculum design, needs assessments, learning media selection guidelines, as well as, strategies for curriculum deployment and development of informal learning. Caroline has experience in a variety of media including instructor-led workshops, webcasts, multi-media, live experiential simulations, games, resource guides, competency profiles, curriculum development, executive workshops, resource support materials such as job aids, learning events at conferences, and most recently a web-based training with simulated learning paths. Additionally, Caroline has worked to launch a BPO learning team for a major, global firm. In this responsibility she has co-developed the tools, processes, infrastructure, staffing, and staffing development for this outsourced team.











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