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David Marcus
Founder and CEO

David Marcus is the founder and CEO of Zong, a leading mobile payment service used for monetizing web audiences in social media, gaming and virtual worlds. Zong enables seamless payments for more than 350 Facebook and MySpace applications as well as dozens of leading virtual worlds and gaming platforms, and has direct integrations with mobile carriers around the world. David drives the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He also serves as CEO of Zong parent company Echovox, a pioneer in transaction-enabled mobile services.

An experienced entrepreneur, David has created a number of successful venture-backed businesses, including the first alternative telecom carrier in Switzerland, GTN telecom, which he launched in 1996. Under David’s leadership, GTN became one of the top three alternative carriers in Switzerland and was acquired by World Access in 2000. In 2003, David co-founded VOX telecom, a leading VoIP and wholesale carrier which services over 60% of the largest incumbent carriers globally. David also spearheaded the creation of echo6 in 2006, a joint venture between Echovox and the French leading media group M6 (Metropole Television). Echo6 is now one of the most successful mobile entertainment companies in France. In March 2008, David co-founded Twitterfone, the popular and free service that converts a voice message into Twitter updates from any mobile phone.









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