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Eilif Trondsen
Research and Program Director of the Virtual Worlds Consortium
SRI Consulting Business Intelligence

Eilif Trondsen is the Research and Program Director of the Virtual Worlds Consortium for Innovation and Learning (VWC) at SRI Consulting Business Intelligence (SRIC-BI) in Menlo Park, California. The focus area of his research and consulting at SRIC-BI—a spin-out of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute)—is the use of technology for business performance improvement and learning. He has 29 years' experience at SRIC-BI and at SRI International, leading or contributing to a variety of projects for U.S. and foreign clients in the private and public sectors. For ten years, Eilif held the position of Research Director of the Business Intelligence Program (now the Scan program) at SRI and currently leads VWC (www.sric-bi.com/vwc). In his tenure at SRI and SRIC-BI, Eilif has given numerous presentations on various eCommerce, eLearning and virtual worlds topics at conferences and to SRI clients around the world.











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