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Conference Keynote

9:00 am - 10:30 am - Thursday September 24, 2009
Implementing Best Buy's Social Media Strategy

Jason Parker, Community Analyst, Best Buy Co, Inc.
Gina Debogovich, Community Manager, Best Buy Co, Inc.
Best Buy is leveraging social media across the entire corporation, rallying hundreds of employees across the country to engage with consumers online. The most recent activity: Twelpforce, a collective force of Best Buy technology pros offering tech advice on Twitter. Twelpforce is the latest addition to Best Buy Connected, which is billed as the voice of the Best Buy Employee. Find out what's working and why in this broad social media deployment from the major retailer.

 Jason Parker
Community Analyst
Best Buy Co, Inc.

Jason ParkerI have always been known for my curious nature. As a child I would often be found taking apart gadgets and electronics just so that I could put them back together again. Working at Best Buy, I have the opportunity to explore the world of technology and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest, while sharing my ideas and collaborating with other curious minds. As a part of the team that launched Best Buy into open dialogue with customers online, I have been able to watch the enterprise grow in transparency and openness. As Community Analyst, I provide insight to help grow the enterprise, engage customers across  many channels, and maintain Best Buy's online presence as a concerned and connected retailer. In my spare time, I enjoy expressing myself through digital art, playing music, studying language, and gaming on the Wii.









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