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Jeffrey Pope

With over 13 years living and working in Asia, Jeffrey has an extensive background in business development, negotiating critical business alliances and opening new markets. Jeffrey was most recently in the role of executive vice president and Managing Director for the US office with ngi group, a Japan based venture investment and holding company. Prior to joining ngi group, Jeffrey held a position with Microsoft Japan where he was involved with the development of Japans Xbox live game server infrastructure, and overseeing an MSN data center. Thereafter he spent 6 years with Sun Microsystems Japan where he managed various aspects of Sun’s Services and Sales business. His last role within Sun was that of the head of Sun’s Emerging Technologies Division in the Asia Pacific region.

Having served as a consultant, a conference speaker, and participated in industry committees, Jeffrey is an acknowledged authority on Virtual Worlds and the Online Computer Games (MMO) market. Jeffrey is currently the US representative for 3Di, a Japan based innovator developing enterprise virtual environments on OpenSim. He is also a founding Partner in a recently formed stealth mode start-up targeting the casual game / virtual world space, and serves as an adviser and angel investor for a few additional companies.












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