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Keith McCurdy

Keith McCurdy has over 20 years of experience in the digital media industry including video games, mobile, and internet. He is currently CEO and co-founder of Vivaty, a web based platform and online service for highly immersive, personalized, and easy to use 3D virtual worlds available in the web browser and integrated with existing web communities and content. Vivaty’s investors include KPCB and MDV. Previously Mr. McCurdy was CEO of Blaze Entertainment, where he built the company into a global mobile publisher, distributing mobile games on 100 carriers worldwide. During his more than 10 year career at Electronic Arts (EA), the leading interactive entertainment software company, Mr. McCurdy held several executive positions including Vice President of Product Development, Vice President of Technology, and Vice President of Online. Mr. McCurdy founded EA's Online Division and drove the company's strategy and technology effort onto the Internet, including shipping the industry’s first MMOG. As Vice President of Technology Mr. McCurdy played a key role in the company's M&A efforts, strategic relationships, and platform transition strategies. Mr. McCurdy is also a director of both Majesco, a family video games publisher (NASDAQ:COOL), and CSRWare, a private company supplying green energy solutions.











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