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Dr. Parvati Dev
FACMI, President
Innovation in Learning Inc.

Dr. Dev completed her doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in 1975. Since then, she has worked at M.I.T, the V.A. and Stanford on computational biology, and at CEMAX, an imaging company, on 3D medical imaging for surgical planning. Dr. Dev serves as Director of the Stanford University Medical Media & Information Technologies (SUMMIT) Program, where she has led the Stanford University
School of Medicine on innovating in the use of computers in medical education. She is also the CEO and founder of Innovations in Learning, focusing on the application of virtual worlds technologies to medicine
and health care.

At Stanford, her research is on Internet2 access to virtual reality and visualization learning environments, including simulation and game-based learning environments. She has a particular interest in collaborative
learning environments implemented over high bandwidth networks and grid technologies. SUMMIT researchers have been in the forefront in applying hypermedia, web, simulation and virtual reality to the learning of anatomy, surgery and other medical topics. Networked courseware, developed at SUMMIT, is in use in several medical courses at Stanford and elsewhere.

Dr. Dev is a frequent speaker on the future of technology in learning. She is an advisor on various national and university committees, and on the advisory boards for CTIS, Inc., a bioinformatics and HealthGrid company, and Forterra Systems, a serious games company. 











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