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Robert J. Bloomfield
Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management
Cornell University

Robert Bloomfield oversees the Johnson School's Doctoral Program as director of Graduate Studies, and is also director of the Business Simulation Laboratory. Since coming to the Johnson School in 1991, Bloomfield has used laboratory experiments and mathematical models to examine the effects of financial market regulations on investor welfare, and to explore how psychological forces can alter the behavior of financial markets. Bloomfield is the first director of the Financial Accounting Standards Research Initiative, which conducts academic research to assist the Financial Accounting Standards Board in its deliberations on new accounting standards.

Bloomfield is also active in the nascent field of Metanomics, which studies business and policy issues arising in the "metaverse" of virtual worlds, and hosts the weekly Metanomics event series in Second Life. He is an active author on Terra Nova, an academic site devoted to the metaverse, and has proposed using virtual worlds for policy research in his article, "Worlds For Study." Bloomfield"s work on metanomics has been covered by BusinessWeek, The New York Times, CFO Magazine, Technology Review, and numerous other outlets.









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