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Steven Davis
IT GlobalSecure Inc.

Steven has over 20 years of IT and IT security expertise and has focused on the security issues of the gaming industry for more than a decade. He advises game companies, governments, and regulators around the world. Mr. Davis has written numerous papers and speaks at conferences on all aspects of game security. He is the author of the book “Protecting Games” and the game security and industry blog, PlayNoEvil (http://www.playnoevil.com/). Mr. Davis has international patents on game security and IT security techniques, most notably the anti-cheating protocols that underlie the SecurePlay (http://www.secureplay.com) anti-cheating library. He has designed several games including DiceHoldem
(http://www.diceholdem.com) and acts as a design consultant. He is currently the CEO of IT GlobalSecure (http://www.itglobalsecure.com) which develops game security products and provides game security, IT security, and game design and evaluation services. Mr. Davis’ expertise includes security leadership positions at the US National Security Agency (NSA), CSC, Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), and SAIC. He has extensive cryptographic and key management design experience including work on Nuclear Command and
Control systems, the Electronic Key Management System, and numerous other commercial and government projects. Mr. Davis has a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University.









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