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Susan Lucas-Conwell
SD Forum

Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO, SDForum. Susan is an accomplished CEO, entrepreneur, business development and marketing executive with global experience. She is the CEO of SDForum (www.sdforum.org), Silicon Valley’s largest and oldest high-tech non-profit that provides education and a networking community of technologists, entrepreneurs, VCs and others. Susan graduated with honours from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in economic history, has a Masters degree in economic history from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from The Wharton School. She started her career in marketing for General Mills before moving to France, where she held senior management positions at Cartier International, Bausch & Lomb (Ray Ban) and Chateau and Country (a French internet start-up). She started the European chapter of FWE&E, and also founded Clear-Day, an international business accelerator working with a portfolio of European and American companies. Three years ago, she moved to Palo Alto with her husband, four daughters, parrot and dog. In addition to her role as CEO of SDForum, she serves on the Advisory Boards of Astia and FWE&E.











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