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Choosing the best one is not an easy job. But, Don’t worry!

We spend almost 220 hours for testing and researching. Finally, we have selected the 8 best electric pressure washers from 161+ models.

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These are eight products I have chosen with care, making sure you get the best of your money.

Let’s take a look at the best electric pressure washers. I will give you detailed information about them to make your buying experience easier and beautiful. To help you even better, I have further divided the pressure washers into two categories according to their working capabilities, Medium-duty and Light-duty. Let’s delve into it.

Types Of Electric Pressure Washers:

  • Light-duty pressure washer: These pressure washers have a PSI value of below 2000. They are best for some lightweight works. These machines can efficiently clean patios, sidings, cars, etc. They can also work well on driveways, sideways, fences, etc.
  • Medium-duty Pressure Washer: Medium-duty pressure washers are rated between 2000 and  2800 PSI. They do all the works a light-duty pressure washer can do. However, they are most efficient on fences, decks, sidings, and patios.

Electric pressure washers belong to these two categories. The other two categories are Heavy-duty that has a PSI value of 2900 to 3300, and Extra Heavy-duty that is of 3300 PSI and more. These two categories offer extensive heavy cleaning facilities. Gas pressure washers usually fall in this two categories.

List of Best Electric Pressure Washers:

Products NamePSIGPMPrice
#1 Sun Joe SPX300020301.76
#2 Sun Joe SPX300120301.76
#3 Ivation electric pressure washer22001.8
#4 Greenworks GPW195019501.2
#5 AR Blue Clean AR38319001.5
#6 Sun Joe SPX100014501.45
#7 Karcher K2 Plus16001.25
#8 Greenworks GPW150115001.1

Medium-duty Electric Pressure Washer:

Now moving on to medium-duty electric pressure washers. For this article, we have chosen three pressure washers in this category as well.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 – Best electric pressure washer (Amazon bestseller)

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is the very best electric pressure washer out there. The product tops the list in this category.

The primary reason behind it is the performance of its pump. The 14.5-AMP pump generates 2030 PSI power that effortlessly cleans your home and backyard. With a 1.76 GPM water flow, five spray tips, and the safety features, this is an ultimate value for money product.

It has a 2030 PSI pressure output that easily handles medium cleaning tasks. It can also handle some of the heavy duty cleanings.

The 14.5-AMP motor gives you the ultimate cleaning power. Now clean all your sideways, driveways, patios, cars, outdoor furniture, fences, decks and more with ease.

The pressure washer has a water flow of 1.76 Gallon per minute (GPM). This amount of water flow helps you to get rid of the toughest stains and dirts.

The machine comes with five quick-connect spray tips. These are 0, 15,25, 40-degree spray tips and an additional soap spray tip. These spray tips ensure efficient cleaning in a lowest possible time.

The Total Stop System (TSS) turns down the pump in case of a non-engaged trigger. This process helps in saving energy. It also prolongs the machine life.

It comes with two 0.9 L detergent tanks. The tanks are removable as well. This feature enables you to store and carry different detergents of your choice as per your cleaning needs.

The 35 feet power cord lets you use the pressure washer even at a greater distance from a power outlet.

The 20-foot high-pressure hose lets you clean every speck of dirt in the farthest corner of your backyard.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is the very best among the medium-duty class. Go for the product if you wish to do the regular home cleaning. It can smoothly handle cleaning your car as well. I strongly recommend this product if what you are looking for is basic cleaning.

  • Cleans everything from vinyl sidings to mildews to fungus
  • Two removable 0.9 L detergent tanks
  • Storage space for the washer gun on the product
  • Plastic fittings that are often prone to leaks. You should change them into brass ones to avoid this problem

2. Sun Joe SPX3001 – Best for hard to reach areas

Now let’s turn our eyes to the Sun Joe SPX3001. As I said earlier the brand is a trusted one and the product is quite eye-catching. The 2030 PSI pressure output is more than capable to handle the cleaning tasks. It also has the largest detergent tank in it, which is an added bonus. It is the best product for maneuvering tasks such as cleaning the gutters and areas that are hard to reach.

The 2030 PSI pressure output gives you enough power to carry out medium duty cleaning tasks such as cleaning decks, fences, patios, sideways, boats and much more.

The 1.76 Gallons per minute (GPM) water flow cleans all the dirt in a matter of moments.

The 14.5 AMP pump is a powerful one that handles the cleaning task with efficiency and ease.

It comes with a 20-foot high-pressure hose. The hose lets you clean even the toughest stains from every corner of your backyard.

The pressure washer has an onboard reel. It helps in keeping the hose organized and offers convenience.

It comes with five quick-connect spray tips. These are 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree spray tips. They are easy to connect and gives you the freedom of using the tip you want as per your cleaning task.

The Total Stop System or TSS helps to shut off the pump when you are not using the trigger. This feature offers you safety, saves energy, and makes the machine even more durable.

The machine has an extra-large detergent tank of 1.2 liters. This tank lets you store and carry the detergent of your choice. Therefore, it adds an extra convenience in cleaning.

The 34-inch extension wand helps you to reach all the dirt in the farthest corners of your backyard and properties.

The product is best to clean your decks, fences, driveways, patios, as well as cars and boats. It is also the one to look at if you frequently use detergent in your cleaning process and need a large tank attached for that.

  • Superb build quality that lasts longer
  • Noiseless operation ensures less pollution
  • Extra-large detergent tank for added convenience
  • The hose is prone to brokage and tangles easily
  • The nozzle tip that is used for detergent apply gives very low pressure

3. Ivation electric pressure washer – Highest PSI rating and GPM value

The electric pressure washer with the highest PSI value on the list is the Ivation Electric Pressure Washer. This pressure washer confirmed its place on the list because of its higher PSI rate and GPM value. These two are among the key features of an electric pressure washer. This product comes off with flying colors in both.

The pressure washer comes with a 2200 PSI pressure output rating. Ivation handles all the medium-duty cleaning tasks with the ultimate efficiency. It can also handle some of the heavy-duty cleaning work. It can clean almost anything, be it a car, truck, wall, fence, driveway, RV, and much more.

The water flow of this machine is 1.8 Gallons per minute (GPM). The massive flow of water cleans the dirtiest areas in almost no time.

The 14.5 AMP motor gives the machine enough power to handle every task with ease.

It comes with five interchangeable nozzles.These nozzles offer both low and high-pressure functions. You can use the nozzles as per your convenience, and to use in different circumstances.

The product has an additional Turbo Spray Wand. This wand helps you to get to the areas that are hard to reach. This wand offers the perfect water flow and pressure for the cleaning area. With this by your side, your home will be cleaner than ever.

The setup procedure of the pressure washer is very easy. It can be done in just three steps with the help of the user manual.

It features a Total Stop System (TSS). This adds to the safety of the machine. This feature shuts off the pump when the trigger is not used. It saves energy and adds to the durability of the product.

The hose and nozzles are joined through copper connections. This leads to an effortless, smooth hookup.

The attached detergent dispenser allows you to store and carry any detergent of your choice. Now you would not have to carry around an extra container for detergents with you.

Go for this product if you want an electric pressure washer with higher PSI and GPM value. The product is efficient in medium-duty tasks such as cleaning your cars, driveways, patios, outdoor furniture and much more.

  • 2200 PSI pressure output and 1.8 GPM water flow ensures to clean areas with the toughest stain
  • Turbo Spray Wand lets you clean areas that are difficult to reach
  • Storage space in the product for all the equipment and accessories
  • Hose and power cord becomes stiff after a few times. As a result, they become hard to store in the storage space
  • The wand is made out of  plastic that is not very durable

4. Greenworks GPW1950 – Electric Pressure Washer with Induction Motor:

If you are searching for a pressure washer with the best motor out there, the GreenWorks GPW1950 is your answer. It is equipped with an induction motor. An induction motor is a way more durable and works far better than a general one.

The product runs on a 13-AMP induction motor. As mentioned before, the induction motor is the best-in-class motor out there in the market. The motor serves a performance that will help you to achieve a different level of cleaning altogether.

It has a 1950 PSI pressure output. This falls on the higher end spectrum of the light-duty pressure washer. The massive pressure gets rid of the dirt, stains, mildew, grease, oil stains, and much more with very less work from your side.

The 1.2 Gallons per minute (GPM) water flow ensures to eliminate even the toughest dirt and stains that have not been cleaned for a long time.

It has a 25-foot high-pressure hose. It helps to reach areas that hard to reach otherwise. The length is still quite short though. The pressure washer needs to be moved to achieve perfect cleaning on distant areas.

The machine comes with three interchangeable spray tips. These are 0, 25, and 40-degree spray tips. They offer you a range of different cleaning operations. However, most of the other pressure washers provide five interchangeable spray tips.

There is an additional foam sprayer included with the product. It is particularly effective for cleaning your cars.

Two onboard soap tanks are also provided as an added convenience. This rids you of the hassle of carrying an extra container with you for detergent.

It has a 35-foot long power cord to connect it to the nearest power outlet. The cord covers a good enough distance to add to your convenience.

The two wheels along with the compact build make it easier to carry the machine around with you.

There is an onboard storage to keep the hose and power cord. This feature makes things more organized and easy to use.

  • Induction motor performs better and lasts longer
  • 1950 PSI pressure output tackles all the usual home cleaning with ease
  • Additional foam sprayer ideal for your cars
  • Water volume output is not much, that means lesser water come out of the pressure washer
  • Tough stains need time to clean, you also would have to move the pressure washer closer to the area

Light-duty Electric Pressure Washers:

Three electric pressure washers have been selected for this article in the light-duty electric pressure washer category.

5. AR Blue Clean AR383 – energy efficient and water conservant

Living in an area where water is scarce? Also, want to save on your electric bills? Don’t let that stop you from using an electric pressure washer. The AR Blue Clean AR383 will take care of the problem for you. The pressure washer saves energy and uses less water as well, doing its work properly all along. If you live in an area where the water level is low and you also want to save on your bills, this is the ideal electric pressure washer for you. With a pressure output rating of 1900 PSI, it is ample for everyday usage.

Its 1900 PSI pressure output effectively cleans your patios, outdoor furniture, fences, sidings, driveways, sideways, RVs, decks and much more.

The machine has a cord length of 35 feet. You don’t have to worry about always having a power outlet where you want to clean. The cord can cover a good enough length.

The machine is very easy to assemble with the help of the user manual provided with it. You don’t have to worry too much about it.

It comes with a detergent bottle. Now you would not have to carry a detergent bottle with you everytime you clean anything. The machine does all the work for you.

The pressure washer comes with a 20 feet high-pressure hose. The hose covers a good length, that lets you clean any object without moving the pressure washer. Also, the high-pressure feature cleans even the dirtiest material with ease.

The adjustable spray lance helps you to adjust the length of it according to your need. Now clean all the products with the same efficiency whether it is near or far.

The turbo spray lance flows the water at a very high speed. This high speed helps in cleaning the toughest stains and dirt that have been sitting there for a long period of time.

The machine comes with a quick connect garden hose adapter. This helps you to connect the pressure washer to the nearest power outlet.

This product is best for washing your cars. It also cleans boats, fences, and driveways quite well. Go for this one if you also want to save on your bills and want a check on the water consumption.

  • Extremely easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Sturdy body makes it durable even with heavy usage
  • Energy-efficient and water conservant
  • The hose adapter leaks quite often
  • The hose tangles easily

6. Sun Joe SPX1000 – Best budget pressure washer

If you are looking for a light-duty pressure washer that does the job well and is also cheaper, the Sun Joe SPX1000 is the one for you. The product is extremely lightweight, that makes it easier to carry around with you. The 1450 PSI pressure output cleans your patios, outdoor furniture, and all the other light-duty works with relative ease.

It has a powerful motor of 1400-watt. It is very efficient for small and medium cleanings such as washing decks, cars, RVs, barbeques, sidings and much more.

The machine generates a PSI of 1450. It efficiently cleans all the dirt and pollutants from your outdoor furniture and materials.

With a weight of just 11.7 Pounds, the pressure washer is extremely lightweight. It is very easy to carry around with you to every corner of your house where you wish to use it.

The machine has a flow rate of up to 1.45 Gallon per minute (GPM). The massive flow of water easily manages all the cleaning tasks in hand.

The Sun Joe SPX1000 comes with an adjustable spray wand. It can work as a zero degree pencil point jet to clean the toughest stains. In addition, it can also serve as a 45-degree fan spray when you need to cover a maximum area at once.

The machine has a trigger safety lock. The safety lock comes with a Total Stop System (TSS) and integrated safety lock. They prevent any accidental engaging of the pressure washer to an unwanted object. Your family is safe from any mishaps it can cause.

Go for the Sun Joe SPX1000 if you are looking for a pressure washer for general usage while saving on your budget.

  • Excellent for everyday use, can clean anything from a mildew to tough stains
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Zero and 45-degree adjustable spray wand provide everything from more pressure to greater coverage
  • The hose is only 25 foot long; you need to move it physically to attend faraway dirt
  • Not suitable for heavy usage
  • It is quite slow, takes time to clean the designated area

7. Karcher K2 Plus – Fastest cleaning pressure washer

Let’s turn our eyes towards the Karcher K2 Plus in the light-duty pressure washer category. This is a product on this list that cleans your home in the blink of an eye. It takes so little time that it saves your energy and makes sure you can concentrate more on other important works.

It has 1600 PSI pressure output. The device is effective in any light and medium cleaning task. It cleans your cars, sidings, driveways, fences, patios, sideways, outdoor furniture, barbeques, all with the utmost ease.

The pressure generates a water flow of 1.25 GPM (Gallons per minute). This huge flow of water cleans the dirt from your materials and pieces of furniture in minutes.

The machine weighs only 16.8 pounds. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around with you. Now you don’t have to worry about all the dirt that is in the farthest corner of your house. It also has two rear wheels that add convenience to its portability.

Its tall handle gives you the utmost convenience. You would not have to bend and strain yourself every time to use it.

It comes with a 35-foot GFCI power cord that covers a great distance. You can use the pressure washer even when the power outlet is away from the cleaning area.

The N-COR pump is durable and non-corrosive. There would not be any quality issues with the pump.

The Karcher K2 Plus comes with two spray wands, a dirt blaster spray wand, and a Vario power spray wand. The dirt blaster spray wand generates 50% more pressure than normal. Kercher K2 has the pressure of 30 times more than a garden hose. It lessens your hard work when cleaning. It is also very durable and can be used frequently.

The Vario power spray wand is adjustable. The spray wand lets you switch fro low pressure to high pressure, and everything in between them. When in low pressure, it automatically dispenses detergent to enhance the cleaning effect.

  • The 1600 PSI pressure output is more than amazing to handle your residential cleaning
  • The dirt blaster and Vario power spray ensure every kind of cleaning method is available to you. Whether you want more pressure or more coverage, the pressure washer has it all.
  • Time-saving, leaves you free for all the other tasks you have in hand
  • The hose  falls short on length
  • The product does not stand up to heavy usage

8. Greenworks GPW1501 – Lightweight, easy to carry electric pressure washer:

Do you find it hard to carry or drag that heavy pressure washer you have? I do too. That’s why you should check out the Greenworks GPW1501 light-duty pressure washer. This is one of the lightest electric pressure washers out in the market. Weighing just at 17.5 Pounds, you can move it around like a feather.

The pressure washer is lightweight, compact, and yet sturdy in design. It is easy to carry and lasts a long time.

The machine runs on a 13-AMP motor that is perfect for carrying out all the light-duty cleaning tasks, such as taking care of your patios, outdoor furniture, fences, sidings, and much more.

It generates a PSI of 1500, although this is not a high PSI rating even for a light-duty pressure washer, it’s more than enough to carry out basic residence cleaning.

The water flow of the machine is 1.2 GPM. The pressurized water flow helps to get rid of all the mildew, tar, oil stains, and the other usual dirt and stains.

The product comes with two interchangeable spray tips. These are 25-degree and 40-degree Quick-connect spray tips. They offer you a bit of a variety in the cleaning operations. However, most pressure washers come with five different spray tips. This product lacks option in this area.

It has a 20-foot high-pressure hose that lets you reach the areas at a distance. However, it still falls short in length. It is a daunting task to reach faraway areas without moving the pressure washer itself.

The pressure washer has an additional soap applicator. It enables you to apply any soap of your choice to achieve a better cleaning experience.

The 35-foot power cord is provided to connect the pressure washer into the power outlet. It can cover a good distance so you don’t have to worry about having a power outlet right next to your pressure washer.

A GFCI adapter is added as a safety feature. It prevents electric shock in the case where you or anyone else touches the adapter in wet hands. Therefore, it lessens the chance of getting hurt by an accident.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • GFCI Adapter for extra safety
  • The hose connector leaks
  • The soap dispenser is also prone to leak

The product is ideal for elderly people who are often unable to drag a heavy pressure washer around. The people who want to save them the dragging can also buy this as well. It will effortlessly handle all the regular cleaning. However, it’s not for heavy-duty works.

Electric Pressure Washers - Buyer's Guide

There are a few things you need to consider before buying yourself an electric pressure washer. Let’s see what those are.

  • Cleaning Goal: First of all, consider your cleaning goal. What will you be cleaning with the pressure washer? Is it just your cars, outdoor furniture, patios, grills, etc.? Or are you going to do some heavy cleaning work with it? Determining this is a major factor. For basic home cleaning, the machines with the general options will do just fine. Go for the ones with advanced settings if you wish to do the heavy cleaning with it.
  • Size: Think about the ideal size you want to have according to your needs. Are you going to carry it around with you to clean various areas of your house? Go for a lightweight, easy to carry one. Do you want a pressure washer with a heavy cleaning ability? Go for the more advanced ones. These are usually larger in size.
  • Capacity: You also need to consider the capacity of the pressure washer. It is determined by the pressure output of the machine. That is measured in Pounds per Square inch (PSI). It divides the pressure washer into four categories.
  • GPM Value: Another determining factor in buying a pressure washer is its GPM value. GPM or Gallons per minute is the measuring unit of the water flow of the pressure washer. Consider this before making a buying decision. Higher water flow usually ensures better cleaning. If you only want to do the basic and small cleanings, then a pressure washer with a low GPM value will work. If heavy cleaning is your aim, go for the pressure washers with high GPM value.
  • Nozzle Tips: Nozzle tips are also an essential part of the pressure washer. Consider your work before making a decision. The best option would be to buy interchangeable ones. Narrow tips give you more pressure but cover less area. These are useful for tough stains in a smaller area. On the other hand, wider spray tips let you cover more area with a lesser pressure. These are best for tackling cleaning work on a wide area.
  • Adjustable and Interchangeable Wands: These wands help you in controlling flow and pressure. You can adjust the wand length according to your needs. The narrow length gives you more pressure whereas the wider length covers more area. In the case of interchangeable wands, you change them instead of the nozzle tips to adjust the pressure and flow. Both are useful; you can select either one at your choice. However, we would suggest getting the adjustable wands as it can be quite annoying to change the wand everytime you want a different pressure or flow.
  • Detergent Tank: This one is not a must-have, but surely an added bonus to convenience. It is better to go for the ones with attached detergent tank. That way, you would not have to carry an extra container for detergents with you. However, if it is not much of a fuss to you, you can buy a pressure washer without one as well.
  • Wheels: Another feature that is also not an essential one, but it never hurts to have it. Many of the pressure washers are quite heavy, especially the ones that are designed for medium and heavy-duty cleanings. The wheels help you to carry it around with convenience. If you don’t need to move your pressure washer that much, then you can afford to skip this detail.

Things to Keep In Mind:

Now here are a few points to keep in mind to be safer and to get the most out of your electric pressure washer.

  1. Always turn the safety lock on when you are not using the pressure washer. Keep it on during changing the nozzles as well.
  2. Don’t point the nozzle at plants, people, pets, and animals. Don’t put your hand before the nozzle too. The water comes out at a very high pressure. It can cause one deep cuts, or might even penetrate the skin and do more damage.
  3.  Always check the user manual before using the pressure washer. Use the washer exactly as described in the manual. Don’t deviate and try something on your own.
  4. If the manual says the pressure washer is not compatible with extension cords, then always plug it directly into the power outlet. If your washer is extension cord compatible, use only those extension cords mentioned in the manual.
  5. Use safety glasses while using the electric pressure washer.
  6. While you are on a ladder, don’t use a pressure washer. The water flow creates a massive recoil on the spray wand. This, in turn, can throw you off the ladder.
  7. Always maintain a good distance when using the pressure washer in a place with power lines, electrical outlets etc.
  8. Avoid touching the plug with wet hands.
  9. Always make sure that the electrical connections are dry and off the ground when using an electric pressure washer.
  10. Don’t leave a pressure washer unattended. Keep it out of reach from children and pets.


Electric pressure washers are ideal for light cleaning, small projects. It cleans your cars and patios pretty efficiently. They are much more convenient than gas pressure washers, as they start just by flipping a switch. These models spread less pollution as well.

Some electric pressure washers should be plugged into an outlet, without using an extension cord. Keep this in your mind when making the decision of buying. If the area you need to clean does not have a power outlet, it would create problems. If your pressure washer comes with an extension cord compatibility, use only the specific extension cords mentioned in the instruction manual. In either case, follow the instructions strictly.

Mode of Work:

Electric pressure washers operate distinctly. Water is being inserted into the pressure washer at a low pressure. The electric motor then starts the pump. This forces the water to flow through a hose and a nozzle tip, or a spray tip at a much higher pressure.

Because of this mechanism, the electric pressure washer offers a more efficient way of cleaning than certain other items. The machine lets you clean a wide range of outdoor furniture, cars, patios, all with your much-desired ease.

Time to wrap up this article. I hope it was helpful as well as enjoyable. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for upcoming articles. Till then, go out there and buy yourself an electric pressure washer.


To help you even further, here is two best electric pressure washers from this list.

If you want a medium-duty pressure washer that does its job with ease and also is affordable, go for the Sun Joe SPX3000. The pressure washer has a PSI rating of 2030, that can handle any of the household cleaning stuff effortlessly. The 1.76 GPM water flow ensures to get rid of the toughest dirt and stains. With the five interchangeable spray tips, safety features, onboard detergent tanks, this is a true value for money product.

But maybe you don’t want a medium-duty electric pressure washer. Perhaps a light-duty one would do the work for you. In that case, go for the AR Blue Clean AR383. It is energy-efficient and also conserves water. That is extremely beneficiary if you want to save on your bills and live in an area with low water levels. It has a 1.2-liter large detergent tank for added convenience. The 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM water flow are more than capable of cleaning your home, lawn, backyard, and properties.

Time to wrap up this article. I hope it was helpful as well as enjoyable. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for upcoming articles. Till then, go out there and buy yourself an electric pressure washer.

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