A New Marketing Move by Netflix by Adding Stories Tool

Marketing Move by Netflix

Due to the rise of the stories trend many social media platforms, and other media platforms are thinking of adopting this feature. Netflix is the first online streaming platform which has added the stories feature.

The platform will allow the users to share their media content which they are watching and put it on the stories to the Instagram platform. Users will be allowed to add more things to that story like polls or Q/As which can be used to ask the followers how much they like this featured movie.

The users will have the option of directly watch that media content by clicking the option ‘Watch it on Netflix’ on the Instagram stories. This shows the direct connection between the two media platforms.

The Update:

This update by the streaming platform will allow many media sharing platforms to jump in and take advantage of this feature. Many platforms will now think about doing the same thing that Netflix has pulled which is to create a direct link between their platforms and the stories featuring platforms like the Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

There is great potential in the stories features especially now because of this move by Netflix many brands and companies will be looking to improve their connection with Instagram to utilize the stories feature.

Focusing on just the stories feature shows that the brands have been waiting for this kind of update or a move by some company. Now after this there are chances that many companies will be willing to use the stories feature in full potential by marketing their content on these stories feature on Instagram.

Directing the audience to your official website in an organic way is the best thing for so many media sharing platforms. This will change the game for their advertisement and marketing campaigns.

The Advantage:

Instagram is taking full advantage of this feature from the day they launched this feature up till now. The marketing strategies have been improvised due to this feature. As this helps to convey the information in a short time and also in a more compelling way which is the ideal medium for the followers belonging to today’s generation.

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram then initially you can buy Instagram followers to have more advantage and better marketing strategies. Make sure you are not buying fake followers. If any company doing this then you should avoid. The reason behind this is that due to shorter attention span the stories feature has been successful and is getting more successful due to the involvement of many top media sharing platforms like Netflix.

Now platforms like Spotify, Tiktok are thinking of integrating their platforms with the stories feature to market their content in a more effective way. To take advantage of the audience that Instagram has so it will be great for these media sharing platforms to jump into this feature.

After this many, more platforms will look for their position to jump in the integration process which will allow the platforms to integrate for the stories feature on the Instagram platform. Through those stories, internet traffic will be directed to the official website.

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