Best Case Fans 2022 – (120mm,140mm, 200mm) Buyer’s Guide

Best Case FansAre you looking for the reviews of best case fans of 2019?

Well, here I have reviewed the top 10 best computer case fans along with pros and cons and also buyer’s guide.

Before that, I want to tell you that when you need a Case Fans? Maybe you already know that…

If you are a normal user then case fans are not mandatory to have. But, If you are doing heavy tasks or if you are playing games then you must have case fans. Because when you perform heavy tasks such as Playing high-end games, 3D modeling your computer produces a lot of heat. To cool down your PC temperature and run application smoothly you need a good cooling system. That’s why you need good quality case fans.

Case fans available in many sizes as follows 80mm, 120mm, 140mm, 200mm. In this post, I talked about 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm case fans.

If you don’t want to read the whole article and need a quick recommendation, then check this below table.

List Of Best Case Fans 2019

Products NameBearing TypePrice
#1 Corsair ML120 & ML140 Pro LEDMagnetic Bearing
#2 Corsair Air Series AF120Sleeved Bearing
#3 Noctua NF-F12 PWM ChromaxSSO2 bearing
#4 Corsair LL Series LL120Hydraulic
#5 Corsair HD120 RGB LEDHydraulic
#6 ARCTIC F12 PWM PSTFluid Dynamic Bearing
#7 Cooler Master SickleFlow 120Sleeve Bearing
#8 Thermaltake Ring 14Hydraulic Bearing
#9 Noctua NF-A14 PWMSSO2 bearing
#10 Cooler Master MegaFlow 200
Sleeve Bearing

Reviews of Best 120mm, 140mm and 200mm Case Fans

Now I will talk about each fan. Here I will review 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm case fans. You can buy from this list according to your needs and your case size. Few models available in ony 120mm and few models available 120mm and 140mm.

1. Corsair ML Pro LED, RGB (120mm,140mm) – (Editor’s Choice)

Corsair ML Pro LED fans with its magnetic levitation technology and custom rotor design gives a great performance. The innovative design provides both high airflow and static pressure.

Corsair ML Pro Series is available in different colors such as Red, White, Blue, Non-LED and RGB. These fans come with 120mm and 140mm sizes. You should check your case size before buy.

Note: If you buy RGB variant then you need to buy RGB lighting hub and Lighting Node PRO.

The magnetic levitation bearing helps in reducing noise, enhancing performance and life expectancy. The custom rotor design helps in delivering increased static pressure and airflow in any challenging environment.

The power control range gives a perfect balance between lesser noise and greater performance. The anti-vibration rubbers can be replaced with the choice of varied colors available. The option of color customization and radiating LED lights gives the product a very ravishing look which may be against some people’s taste.

If your budget is low then this fan is not for you. If you don’t have any budget limitation and looking for high performance low noise RGB fans then Corsair ML Pro is for you.

  • Magnetic Levitation Technology
  • Quite at Low Speed (Low RPM)
  • Color Customization and radiating LED lights
  • Loud at Full Speed
  • Quite expensive
  • Requires Corsair RGB controller

Corsair ML Pro RGB, LED, Non-LED Series Comparison

Corsair ML120 Pro RGB120mm25 dBA400 - 1600 RPM47.3 CFM
Corsair ML140 Pro RGB140mm20.4 dBA400 - 1200 RPM55.4 CFM
Corsair ML120 PRO LED120mm37 dBA400 - 2400 RPM75 CFM
Corsair ML140 PRO LED140mm37 dBA400 - 2000 RPM97 CFM
Corsair ML120 PRO120mm37 dBA400 - 2400 RPM75 CFM
Corsair ML140 PRO140mm37 dBA400 - 2000 RPM97 CFM

2. Corsair Air Series AF120 – LED High Airflow Fan (Quiet Edition)

The best performance by Air Series fans can be derived when the spaces are not restricted with a clearance of at least 3 cm. An exhaust fan is quintessential for all the components of the PC including CPU, graphics accelerators, motherboard etc. as well as absorption fan for the bottom or side panels.

This series of fans also provide air flow to all the corners of the PC where the air volume is less, such as hard drive cages. In that case, the Air Series SP model high static pressure fans are ideal.

The Corsair Air Series fans display great efficiency in air circulation with a lower noise level and pleasing LED lighting.

The Air Series fans are able to give the best performance in places that are unrestricted with at least 3 cm of space free around it.

To give the optimal airflow along with lesser noise as well as severely unwanted turbulence, the Air Series Fans are custom molded and are ultra thin.

  • The quiet edition of the Corsair air series is very quiet, giving a very satisfying performance at OC and stock levels.
  • The construction of the fan is sturdy along with a very good speed of airflow.
  • The fan itself is very affordable as the price is kept low.
  • The noise level of the AF120 performance edition is bit loud.
  • It has a quite apparent vibration.

3. Noctua NF-F12 PWM Chromax –

The Noctua NF-F12 series has received more than a 100 awards and recommendations from various magazine and websites related to hardware. This one is a very popular 120mm fan. Its incredible performance makes it ideal for radiators and heat sinks. A bundle of changeable designs along with the color customization feature of the fan, makes the device look great. Along with that, the trusted name of Noctua is surely an added reason to get attracted to this case fan.

Special Features of this product are: In the edition, there has been an increase in color choices with many customizations of colors being available for the anti-vibration pads along with the anti-vibration cables and mounts. With SSO2 bearing, the axis is even closer to the rear magnet which enables the device to provide a better durability, precession, and stabilization. The control notches and the varying angular distance feature helps to broaden the frequency of noise making it less irritable to the human ear. The focused flow feature of the fan helps it to perform as much airflow as a fan with much higher running speed.

  • The swappable color of the anti-vibration pad can be color coordinated with popular themes such as black and white, all black or black and red.
  • The reduced noise emission along with the 6 years manufacturer’s warranty will definitely enhance the value of this product in the eyes of the consumer.
  •  Added to all of these, the product is really affordable.
  • There is no LED lighting present.
  • The size of the extension may be a thing of concern for some people.

4. Corsair LL Series LL120

Corsair is one of the leading producers of the case fan, and coming from them, this series came with a huge expectation. The series with its excellent airflow, lesser noise, and eye-catching lighting, has already put many of the PCs back in a loop.

This fan takes pride in flaunting its 16 independent LEDs across two light loops which are separated to create breathtaking lighting effects. Anyone who is a fan of LED lightings will definitely love the visual effect that this model of case fan creates.

There is a number of customization effects available for the 16 independent RGB LED  which is divided between two different loops of light. The fan speed is dynamically controlled from 600 to 1500 RPM in order to maximize airflow and minimize noise. The package comes with Corsair Lighting Node Pro enables fabulous effects of lighting with other devices that support Corsair link.

  • The fan is a very lightweight device which weighs only about 2.88 ounces.
  • There is a marvelous airflow speed.
  • The LED lighting is also an added advantage.
  • The low noise but high-performance operations through the 120mm blade also adds to the positive side.
  • The product is really expensive.

5. Corsair HD120 RGB LED

The Corsair HD120 RGB LED case fan with its superior performance backed by high static pressure with the exceptional delivery of air is sure to attract the buyers. The exceptional lighting effect provided by RGB LED can be controlled individually. With the availability of a 3 button controller, the lights of the LED can be synchronized and customized according to the users preferred theme.

Special Features of this product are: The RGB LED lighting which can be controlled individually and hence there is a scope of preferred customization. The easy access controller of 3 buttons can help in controlling various light effect including the speed and color of customization. There are very less vibration and noise due to the ultra-thin blades,

  • The lesser sound and turbulence generated by the fan.
  • The unique feature of endless customization of the LED lightings makes it one of the best out there.
  • The negligible weight of the product is also an added advantage.
  • The product is a bit expensive.
  • Does not have the Corsair link compatibility option.


The ARCTIC fan edition with a lower price has a lot of potentials to compete with the expensive case fans. Its innovative design encourages lesser noise and greater ventilation. The improved cooling efficiency gives an effect of several case fans being used together. The service life of this fan is also quite long.

Special Features of this product are: The motherboard is able to run the fan at a perfect speed by the PWM function which minimizes noise and maximizes the airflow performance. The advanced design of the blade encourages more airflow. The fluid dynamic bearing that is equipped with a capsule of oil reduces leakages of lubricants which in turn, enhances the service life of the device.

  • The product has an option of two-way installation which is really nice.
  • Along with that, the product is a durable one.
  • It is not expensive at all.
  • Being an easily regulated product gives it an edge over its competitors.
  • The downside of the product can be its lack of LED light, hence it might not look as good to some people as the ones with a LED light.

7. Cooler Master SickleFlow 120

This is one of the cheapest case fans available in the market. With light brown fan blades which are transparent for a nicer visual of LED effect along with strong air flow and lesser noise, this fan is undoubtedly one of the best fans available in the market. The Air balance style of the fan, along with the choice of LED colors available, makes the fan a really attractive choice for its buyers.

Special Features of this product are: The fan has a fantastic LED effect which is enhanced by the transparent light brown blades of the fan. Higher life expectancy is achieved through the long life sleeve bearing. In order to enhance the efficiency of cooling, the device is provided with a strong airflow. There is literally no noise when the fan operates.

  • The completely silent functionality of the device.
  • A higher life expectancy.
  • Stronger airflow adds to the positive sides of the device.
  • Added to this, the product price is really cheap.
  • All the LED color options are not available for all the variants.

8. Thermaltake Ring 14

Thermaltake, as the name suggests, has come up with a case fan with the high static pressure that gives an extraordinary performance in cooling with an optimized fan blade. The bearing is a hydraulic one, promising a really low noise. Added to this, to increase the stability while operating, the manufacturers have provided an anti-vibration mounting system.

The color and brightness are maintained throughout the device by the LED ring on it. The LED rings are available in 4 color options- namely blue, white, green and red which adds to beautifying the product.

Special Features of this product are: The Concentrated Compression Blade (CCB) is designed to allow the proper flow of air throughout the CPU. The Wind Blocker Frame helps in creating a compression effect which blocks any pressure before it can escape. The Hydraulic Bearing has a highly efficient self-lubricating ability, that not only reduce operational noise but also increases life expectancy and efficiency of the product. The anti-vibration rubber pads present on all the corners of the device gives it a lot of protection

  • The affordability of the product.
  • 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty greatly boosts its image.
  • Added to that the high air flow.
  • Reduced noise level
  • For some people, it might be a matter of concern that it is a 3 pin fan and not a PWM one.

9. Noctua NF-A14 PWM – Premium Quiet 140mm Fans

The Noctua NF-A14 PWM is a case fan of premium quality with Advanced Acoustic Optimization (AAO) standard. The square-shaped quiet 140mm fan is the best when used on water cooling radiators.

It features Flow Acceleration Channels which is a sophisticated aerodynamic design. This PWM edition comes with speed control which is fully automatic, through a 4 pin fan header along with Adaptor for low noise to reduce the operational sound of the product when it is operating between 1500 RPM and 1200 RPM.

This case fan is the perfect combination of greater cooling capacity on products like heat sinks, water cooling radiators or case ventilators and amazingly low operational sound.

The flow acceleration channel speeds up the airflow primarily on the outer blade region which lowers the separation of side flow suction leading to greater efficiency and lesser vortex noise.

The anti-vibration pads along with Noctua’s proprietary Stepped Inlet Design are featured by Noctua’s AAO frames added to Inner Microstructures Surface which also enhances the quality of the product reducing the operational noise.

The Stepped Inlet Design improves the transition to turbulent flow from laminar flow enhancing the airflow quality and suction capacity especially in places which have restricted space. The inner surface microstructures help in separation of flow from the side of suction of blades resulting in lesser noise and increased efficiency.

The metal bearing shell gives excellent stability, manufacturing precision, and least tolerance. The semi-passive cooling turns the fan off automatically when it is set to 0% PWM duty cycle.

There is an extensive cabling option available. With SSO2 bearing, the axis is even closer to the rear magnet which enables the device to provide better durability, precession, and stabilization.

  • Multiple technologies are being used to lower the noise.
  • An increase in the quality of the product which ultimately produces a fine quality stabilized and durable product.
  • The 6 years manufacturing warranty is also an added advantage.
  • The price of the product is really affordable too.
  • Usage of corsair’s proprietary hardware to synchronize the RGB function.

10. Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 – Best 200mm Case Fans

The cooler master mega flow 200 with higher airflow provides the maximum cooling experience. The operation of this product is quiet due to the low RPM. The product also has RoHS compliance in order to protect the environment.

This case fan is compatible with ATCS 840, HAF 922, Cosmos S and Storm Snipper. The product also adds additional cooling when installed on side panels for the graphics cards.

The low rpm of the product enables lower noise. The model is highly durable with the greater expectancy of life which makes the users use the product without any worry. The sleeve bearing type of model also makes it more durable. The LED lights add to the beauty of the product

  • The product is highly durable and is a lightweight one.
  • Along with this, the product is really easy to set up.
  • This case fan has a really remarkable air flow.
  • The product is really within the budget which is also an added advantage.
  • A product with such good specifications, it is really hard to find a downside in it.
  • However, the absence of an LED controller might upset some of the customers who are fans of the same.

How To Buy the Best Case Fans – Things You Must Know Before Buying

A case fan serves a very simple and serves dual purposes: it draws out the hot air present inside the CPU and draws in the cool air from outside the CPU. It is fitted into a slot that is present on the internal side of the case. This has steadily become one of the support of the hardware and software industries, as it has a whole range of advantages:

Some of the main features of a case fan are: it cools the CPU, draws out hot air and prevents the computer from overheating due to high requirement operations. Prevents the computer from shutting down due to being powered on for a long span of time. It allows installation and running of new and improved software and hardware, as the CPU remains cool all the while.

While a person who does not use their computer for stressful operations, like high-definition gaming, may not face these problems, there is no question that a case fan will prolong the life of any and every computer. When kept powered on for too long (which is quite often the case with writers, editors, proofreaders, and other such professionals), a computer can shut down by itself which can cause a plethora of problems to you. A case fan prevents a whole range of issues and generally gives any computer an increase in lifespan.

My Thought on Case Fans

Case Fans are a great addition to your system but they are not without their shortcomings. You must make sure to use the right case fan size, as used in inappropriate one can ruin the machine and can leave you in tatters.  Plus, using a Case Fans leads to an additional cost and the cost of a case fan is normally higher than other normal components of a machine. It also leads to an increase in energy consumption as it runs throughout the span when your system is switched on. If the fan is taking too much load, it can lead to a heavy continuous noise which leads to noise pollution.

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