Best Roomba Models Reviews in 2022 – Roomba Comparison Chart

Keeping your house clean is a difficult job but if you have a smart robot like Roomba then you won’t have to worry about cleaning at all.

The best thing about these cleaners is that you don’t need to operate them manually; you can operate them with your mobile phones.

As there are many models of Roomba available in the market you might feel a bit confused about which one to choose.

To solve your confusion I have made this comparison chart between the Roomba models which will help you to select the best Roomba that suits you and your home.

Best Roomba Reviews in 2022

NameCheck Price
iRobot Roomba i7+
iRobot Roomba i7
iRobot Roomba 960
iRobot Roomba e5
iRobot Roomba 690
iRobot Roomba 675

Roomba Comparison Chart 2022

NameRoomba i7+Roomba i7Roomba 960Roomba e5Roomba 690Roomba 675
Check On Amazon
Check On Irobot Store
Cleans carpet and hard floorsYesYesYesYesYesYes
3-Stage Cleaning System10x Suction*10x Suction*5x Suction*5x Suction*YesYes
RuntimeUp to 75 minutes**
Recharges & Resumes
Up to 75 minutes**
Recharges & Resumes
Up to 75 minutes**
Recharges & Resumes
Up to 90 minutes**Up to 90 minutes**Up to 90 minutes**
Dirt Detect TechnologyYesYesYes + Advanced Dirt DetectYesYesYes
Cleans under & around furnitureYesYesYesYesYesYes
Edge-Sweeping BrushYesYesYesYesYesYes
Wi-Fi connectedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Scheduled cleaningYesYesYesYesYesYes
Compatible with Alexa & the Google AssistantYesYesYesYesYesYes
Dual Mode Virtual Wall® BarriersYesYesYesYesYesNo
Dual Multi-Surface Rubber BrushesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Power-Lifting SuctionYesYesYesYesNoNo
Ideal for pet hairYesYesYesYesNoNo
High-Efficiency FilterYesYesYesYesNoNo
Washable binYesYesNoYesNoNo
Cleans an entire level of your homeYesYesYesNoNoNo
Cleaning reports with coverage mapsYesYesYesNoNoNo
Customize cleaning preferencesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Recharges and resumes cleaningYesYesYesNoNoNo
Empties on its own with Automatic Dirt DisposalYesCompatibleNoNoNoNo
Clean or schedule by roomYesYesNoNoNoNo
Imprint Smart MappingYesYesNoNoNoNo

1. Roomba i7+ – Best Roomba With All Features

The Roomba i7+ is the best version of the robotic vacuum cleaner offered by iRobot. The best feature added in this version is the automatic dirt disposal system that empties the dirt into a bog that collects up to 30 bins. Within the box 2 dirt disposal bags are also included. So you don’t have to worry about emptying your bin regularly. Apart from this the patent 3 stage cleaning system along with 10x powerlifting suction to pick up all the dust particles from your floor and carpets.

Roomba i7+ provides supreme cleaning of carpets with dual rubber brushes where one loses the dirt and the other picks it up. The edge sweeping brush clears the dust from the edges of the room and the vacuum cleaner sucks it. With 10x suction, the vacuum cleaner picks up all the dust, debris, pet hair and allergens of cats and dogs smoothly.

The imprint smart mapping allows the device to learn, map and adapt with your home and precisely cleans it. Moreover, it allows you to choose which room to clean, like the kitchen, bedroom hall etc. With the dirt detection sensor, the Roomba i7+ senses the heavy traffic area of your house and cleans that area with priority.

The Li-ion battery gives a run time of 75 minutes. The recharge and resume system is very handy for cleaning your whole house. If the battery gets depleted while cleaning it will automatically return to the docking station, recharge it and resume cleaning where it left. The recharging time is bit longer than expected. The patent iAdapt 3.0 navigation with vSLAM tech allows the device to map your home and set visual landmarks of the areas cleaned and yet to be cleaned. The cliff sensor is there to prevent falling of stairs. The washable bin is provided. The auto adjustable cleaning head adjusts with the surface and cleans the surface with any miss-spots. Dual virtual barriers are included for more control over the working zone.

The device is Wi-Fi connected and compatible with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant giving you the power to control Roomba i7+ with your voice commands. The iRobot home app gives the power to start and stop the Roomba i7+, set customizable preferences, select which room to clean and which not to clean and also set schedule cleans of your home. The Roomba i7+ gives coverage maps and cleaning reports on your mobile app.

  • High-Efficiency Filter
  • Automatic dirt disposal
  • Effective and hassle-free performance
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans Under Furniture
  • Imprint smart mapping and iAdapt 3.0 navigation with vSLAm technology
  • Long recharge time

2. Roomba i7 – Roomba Without Automatic Dirt Disposal

Roomba i7 is one of the higher end models without automatic dirt disposal after i7+. Irobot has put together a powerful and exclusive device to clean your house and get rid of any kind of dust, debris or pet hair from your floor or carpet. The Roomba i7 is a smart vacuum cleaner with lots of features that make it an integral part of your household.

The patent 3 stage cleaning system with powerlifting 10X suction provides efficient performance throughout your house. The advanced vSlam technology and iAdapt 3.0 navigation technology allows the roomba i7 to adapt to the entire level of your house by making visual landmarks to keep track of the clean.

Moreover, the latest imprint smart mapping system is very useful as the device can now learn & map each of your room and adapt to the working zone. The imprint smart mapping now gives you the power to choose which room needs to be cleaned and which is not.

The high-efficiency filters provided are very efficient in capturing almost all the pet hairs and the allergens of the pets. The dual multi-surface rubber brush clears all the dust particles from the hard floor and the carpets as well. The auto adjustable cleaning head adjusts according to the surface. The Roomba i7 comes with dirt detect technology that senses the presence of dirt in your home and cleans it with precision. The manufacturers have designed Roomba i7 to map your furniture and clean around them. With 3.7 inch height, it can easily go under your beds, sofas and other furniture and clean the dirt from the hard to reach areas with ease. The edge sweeping brush is also provided to clean the dirt of the edges.

The battery provided in Roomba i7 is a Li-ion battery that gives a runtime of 75 minutes which might seem low compared to others but the addition of recharge and resume technology drives out the issue. So, if your device runs out of battery in the mid of cleaning process then it will return to the docking station for a recharge. After recharge, it will resume the cleaning process from where it left. All of these can be monitored with the iRobot home app from your mobile. You can get cleaning reports and coverage map of the clean. The app allows you to set customizable cleans, start or stop option and schedule cleaning facility. All the power will reside in your hand; you just need to connect it to work Wi-Fi network and sit-back. Roomba i7 also gives you the choice of which room to schedule or clean.

The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant which allows you to command the Roomba i7 with your voice. It is also equipped with a washable bin but it is a bit on the smaller side. The Roomba i7 is compatible with automatic dirt disposal but for that, you would require an iRobot clean base which is sold separately. Dual virtual wall barriers are also included in the box.

Apart from the fact that it is noisy there is no serious issue located in the device.

  • Efficient cleaning
  • Powerful performance on all surfaces
  • Hassle free operation
  • Imprint smart mapping
  • Recharge and resume
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant
  • Noisy
  • Small bin

3. Roomba 960 – Best Budget Roomba

The Roomba 960 is another model of the robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. The robotic vacuum cleaner has 3 staged cleaning systems with powerlifting 5X suction for improved pick up of the pet hair, debris, and dust particles. The device is an expert in cleaning hard floors and carpets. Roomba 960 is equipped with high-efficiency filter for qualitative performance sucking the allergens, pollens, and dust.

Roomba 960 comes equipped with advanced dirt detection technology that detects the presence of dirt on your floor with its sensors. Multiple full suite sensors work together to keep your floor and carpets free of dust. The intelligent sensors also help the Roomba 960 to clean both around your furniture and beneath them. Even the hard to reach areas are within the reach of Roomba 960.  The Roomba 960 is a smart vacuum that comes with patented iAdapt 2.0 navigation and vSLAm tech which allows the device to map its surroundings and gives through cleaning. The auto adjustable cleaning heads makes the cleaning more precise as they can adjust according to the surface of floor or carpet. But the device is a little bit noisy. The dual multi surface rubber brushes along with the edge sweeping brush clears the dust and debris from the floor and the edges of the walls easily.

The Roomba 960 can be connected to the Wi-Fi and controlled through the iRobot home mobile app. The iRobot app gives you the power to control your vacuum cleaner with fingertips. Through the app you can not only start or stop the cleaning process of the device but also set schedule timings of house cleaning. With the app on your mobile you don’t have to be at home to monitor or operate the Roomba 960 to clean your house. Once you set the timing the device will clean your house as per schedule. The iRobot home app allows you to monitor the status of your ongoing cleaning procedure.

The run time of Roomba 960 is 75 minutes which is lower but it has the recharge and resume technology. If the device runs out of power while cleaning then it will move to the docking station, recharge itself and will resume cleaning where it left off and continue until the cleaning is complete. But the recharging time is a bit longer. The debris bin is not large which may be a minor drawback is but the device sends alerts to the user if the bin gets full.

Roomba 960 is developed to clean an entire level of your house. The cliff sensor prevents the vacuum clean to fall off the stairs. The Roomba 960 allows you to customize your cleaning preferences and gives reports along with coverage maps. Dual virtual barriers are provided in the box. Like other Roomba models it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. The auto recharge tech and various other features make the Roomba 960 a true smart home care device.

  • Recharge and resume technology
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Efficient performance
  • Easy controls
  • Small debris bin
  • Run time low
  • Can clog

4. Roomba e5 – Mid-range New Roomba

Roomba e5 is the ideal vacuum cleaner for those houses that have pets. The Roomba e5 comes with premium 3 stage cleaning system with 5x suction and high efficiency filters that clears the dust particles, pet hairs and allergens from the pets like cats and dogs. The device exceptionally cleans dirt from the hard floor and carpets with the dual multi rubber brushes.

Unlike other cleaners who have bristles to clean the floor, the Roomba e5 has rubber brushers that keeps a close contact with the floor or carpet and reduces the chance of missing spots. The dirt detect technology provided is very helpful in sensing the heavy dirt area and keeps your floor and carpet clean. Moreover the auto adjusting cleaning head adjusts with differ surface providing superior performance. With the sensors provided the Roomba e5 detects your furniture and cleans around and under them perfectly. The hard to reach areas are within the reach of Roomba e5. The presence of cliff sensor is very important as they prevent the roomba e5 to fall off the stairs. The Edge sweeping brush clears the edges with precision.

Roomba e5 comes with washable debris bin which is a nice addition to its tally of features but it is not very big, so might need to clear it on regular basis otherwise the system may clog . The device is equipped with Li-ion batteries that give a run time of 90 minutes before going for a recharge. There is no recharge and resume facility but when the battery is low the device will return to the base station and automatically recharge itself. With the dual virtual barriers you have more control over the working area of your Roomba e5.

The smartness quotient of the roomba e5 is elevated as it is made compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. For using this feature all you need to do is connect the device with the Wi-Fi setup of your house. If you don’t have Amazon Alexa or Google assistant there is no reason worry; the iRobot Home app on your mobile gives you full control over the device. You can start cleaning or stop it with just a click on your mobile. You can also set schedule cleaning of the Roomba e5 on the app. Once set the device will start the clean as per schedule and you will get a hassle free cleaning of your house.

  • Easy to use
  • Hassle free and effective performance
  • Washable bin
  • Long runtime
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Small debris bin
  • No recharge and resume system
  • Noisy

5. Roomba 690 – Basic Roomba With Virtual Wall

The Roomba 690 is just same as Roomba 675 with just an update added to it the dual virtual wall. The Roomba 690 provides exceptional cleaning performance with the patent 3 stage cleaning tech. The dual multi brush gives a thorough cleaning as one brush removes the debris another sucks it in.

The device works exceptionally well on the hard floor and on carpet with the auto adjustable cleaning heads. But sometimes the device tends to miss spots. The Roomba is designed to go under the furniture and beds easily and clean the dust and debris. The dirt detection sensors detect the high traffic zone of dirt and clean that area with additional priority. The full suite sensor makes 60 decisions at the same time helping the device adapting to the working environment and remembering the pattern. The cliff sensors prevent the Roomba 690 to fall off the stairs.

The edge sweeping brush sweeps of the edges of the walls cleaning the dirt and debris with ease. But one problem that users may face is that the cleaning of the device is not that simple.With the irobot home app you can start your Roomba vacuum to clean your house with just a tap of your finger. Moreover you can set a schedule on the Roomba when to clean your house. You can set your schedule for all days of the week; it means every day when you are out of house the smart vacuum cleaner will dispose the dirt. It is better to set the schedule at times when you are out o your house because the device makes unpleasant noise while cleaning which you may not like to hear.

The Roomba 690 can go for 90 minutes on a single charge before going back to its docking station for recharging the Li ion batteries. With the Wi-Fi connection on the Roomba 690 you can sync it with the Amazon Alexa and Google assistant and control with your voice. The extra feature that makes it different from the Roomba 675 is the presence of the Dual virtual wall barriers that allows you more control over where your robot cleans. Altogether this device will remove the dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from your house giving you a clean and hygienic surrounding.

  • Efficient cleaning on hard floor and carpet
  • Easy to control
  • Voice command with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant
  • Long battery run
  • Virtual barriers
  • Noisy
  • Difficult to clean
  • Misses spots

6. Roomba 675 – Basic Roomba Without Virtual Wall

The first model of our list is the Roomba 675. It is the best example of Wi-Fi robotic vacuum cleaner under $400 mark. The Roomba 675 uses a patent 3 stage cleaning using a dual multi surface brushes that cleans your floor or carpet by sucking all the dust and debris inside it. The performance it provides is exceptional compared to other vacuums in such a low price range. The dual brushes work side by side; one looses up the dust another picks up the dust debris or any other dirt.

The Roomba 675 works on hard floor as well as carpet. The device has an auto adjust cleaning head that adjusts the surface cleaning brushes according to the height of different floor surface. With this spec you don’t have to worry about changing modes of the Roomba for hard floor and carpet. The Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner is designed to clean under the beds, sofas, bookshelves etc. The 3.6 inch height makes it easier for the device to go under beds, sofas and most hard to reach places and provides effective cleaning.

The debris bin it not to large so you might need to empty it at regular intervals. The dirt detection sensors are provided to detect the area that is dirtier than other places so that the Roomba can clean it with extra efforts. There are other sensors like full suite sensor that adapts to your home and cleans effectively; the cliff sensors prevent the Roomba vacuum to fall off the stairs. For cleaning along the wall edges the edge-sweeping brush is provided to clean the dust and debris off the wall edges.

The best thing about Roomba vacuum cleaner is that you can clean or schedule clean timings with the iRobot Home App from your mobile. Once started the Roomba can up to 90 minutes before it automatically goes to the docking station to recharge itself. The Roomba runs on lithium ion batteries. Moreover it is compatible with voice command through Amazon Alexa and Google assistant; all you need to do is just connect it to Wi-Fi of your home. The Roomba 675 is undoubtedly a nice vacuum cleaner but it is a bit too noisy while cleaning and may clog if the debris is too large.

  • Easy to use
  • Effective cleaning on floors and carpet
  • Cleans hard to reach areas
  • Long run
  • Noisy
  • Misses spots

Roomba 675 vs. 690 – Best Roomba Under $400

Roomba 690
Cheap Roomba
Roomba 675
iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers
Roomba 690
iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers
Cheap Roomba
Roomba 675
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers

The Differences:

Quality- The Roomba 675 and 690 are almost neck to neck in terms of quality it provides.

Design- There is no such difference between the design apart from the fact that the Roomba 675 comes in only black color whereas the Roomba 690 comes in black and silver.

Virtual wall barrier– The Roomba 690 surpasses the Roomba 675 in this field as there is no Virtual wall barrier provided in Roomba 675. The virtual wall barrier allows you more control or restricts the working area of the Roomba 690 vacuum cleaner.

Price- The Roomba 690 is $50 expensive than Roomba 675. So, I would suggest you spend an extra $50 and get the Roomba 690.

The Winner – Roomba 690 

Which One Should You Get?

You can choose anyone without a question. But if you are too inclined to have more control over your device’s working area then you should buy the Roomba 690. So, If you need virtual wall barrier then go for Roomba 690 and if you don’t need and want to save some bucks then got for Roomba 675.

Roomba e5 VS Roomba 960 VS Roomba i7 VS Roomba i7+ Differences

Auto disposal of dirt- The Roomba i7+ only comes with auto dirt disposal system and the Roomba i7 is compatible but you need to buy the disposal system separately. The other two, Roomba e5 and Roomba 960, does not support this feature and neither they are compatible.

Imprint smart mapping- The imprint smart mapping feature is given in Roomba i7 and i7+ as they are high end Vacuum cleaners but Roomba e5 and 960 does not possess this feature.

Clean or schedule by room- Scheduled cleaning is available in all the model of Roomba but cleaning and scheduling by room is only available in Roomba i7 & i7+. Roomba e5 and 960 lacks this feature.

Run time- Run time of the Roomba e5 is high compared to the other models. It gives a run time of 90 minutes whereas Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ gives a run time of 75 minutes.

Recharge and resume- Except for Roomba e5, all the other three model (Roomba 960, i7 & i7+) have the feature of recharge and resume technology.

Suction- The Roomba e5 and 960 offers suction of 5X power compared to Roomba 600/700 series. On the other hand Roomba i7 & i7+ offers suction of 10X capacity.

Washable bin- Roomba e5, i7 and i7+ have the washable bins attached but the 960 comes with non-washable bin.

Cleaning reports and coverage maps- Cleaning reports and coverage maps shows how much work is done and where. Apart from Roomba e5, Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ provides cleaning reports and coverage maps on your iRobot home app.

Cleaning entire level of home- All the models cleans your house efficiently but the Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ are designed to clean the entire level of your home.

Customized cleaning preferences- Roomba e5 and 960 does not offer you the feature of customized cleaning preferences. This feature is only available in Roomba i7 and i7+ models.

Navigation- All the model of Roomba features smart navigation but with slight differences. The Roomba i7 and i7+ models come with patented iAdapt 3.0 navigation and vSLAM tech whereas Roomba 960 comes with iAdapt 2.0 Smart mapping navigation and vSLAM feature. The Roomba e5 only has smart navigation to adapt with your house.

Runner-up – Roomba e5

Best Overall – Roomba 960

The Winner – Roomba i7+

After comparing all these models the Roomba i7+ clearly emerged as victorious, but it does not mean that the other models of Roomba are not winners. All the models of Roomba are excellent in their performance using.

Guide for Roomba Vacuum Cleaner and All Features Explained

1. Roomba 3-Stage Cleaning System-

The Roomba vacuum cleaners are equipped with 3 stage cleaning technology for high-quality performance with efficient cleaning on your floor and carpet. With this technology, you will get thoroughly cleaning around your furniture and every nook and corner of the room. All the models of Roomba we have reviewed in this list have this feature.

Steps of the 3-Stage Cleaning System:

Stage 1: Sweep Corners and Edges- All the Roomba Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with an edge sweeping brush that sweeps the dirt or debris along the edges of the walls and corners of the rooms.

Stage 2: Grab Debris with two Brushes- The two counter-rotating brushes scoop up the dust, pet hair, and debris from the surface of the floor and carpet and sends it to the bin.

Stage 3: Suctions dirt and Filters debris- The remaining small particles that are not scooped by the dual brush are sucked in through the powerful vacuum suction. Moreover, the high-efficiency filters provided traps the dust particles from the surface.

Dirt Detect Technology-

The Roomba vacuum cleaners have patent dirt detect sensors that sense the heavy dirt zone of your room and cleans that area with more efforts.

Roomba Vacuuming Technology – AeroVac vs. AeroForce

AeroVac: This is an old filtration system available in the models like 600 series and it is not much effective. It uses bristles to grab dust and pet hair from the floor and optimized suction to pull the dirt and hair in the bin. The bristles are more likely to clog with hair at a certain point of time.

AeroForce: This is the latest and more effective filtration system available in the models like Roomba 960, e5, i7, and i7+. Aeroforce tech comes with tangle-free double rubber brush rolls that extract the dirt and does not clog with pet hair.

AeroVac filters: The filter quality is not good as it is bulky and brush rolls are made of bristles which are not so effective in capturing the tiny dust particles.

AeroForce High-Efficiency filters: The new effective filter has rubber brush rolls to put the debris and dust in the bin. Moreover, it is small in size which increases the bin space.

Roomba Navigation Technology

iAdapt 1.0:  This technology allows the device to map its work zone and adapt to the surrounding. This technology allows the Roomba to map where the furniture is and where the wall is and it cleans accordingly.

iAdapt 2.0: This is a better version of its predecessor. It has a camera pointed towards the ceiling and ground sensor to map the area of operation so that it can avoid the already cleaned area.

Imprint Smart Mapping: The imprint smart mapping technology is a very advanced feature. This system allows the Roomba to map, learn and remember your rooms like kitchen, drawing, bedroom etc and adapts with each room automatically. This highly advanced feature is only present in Roomba i7 and i7+.

Roomba Virtual Wall Barriers

Virtual Wall Lighthouses: This Lighthouse can send signals to guide the Roomba to clean room by room and also can create a virtual barrier. It can be bought separately.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers: The virtual barriers provided in the packet have two modes of operation. One it creates a virtual wall only visible to the Roomba device. The mode can block openings up to 3 meters. The second mode is Halo mode which creates an oval barrier to restrict a small zone.

Cliff Sensor:

Cliff sensor is a very important feature present in the Roomba device which prevents it to fall from the stairs. So the customer can now relax with no headache of device rollover the stairs. These sensors are present in every model discussed in this list.

Scheduled Cleaning mode:

With the more advanced technologies added to the Roomba models cleaning has become simple and easy. With the scheduled cleaning mode one can now set the schedule of cleaning of the rooms for all 7 days with the help of iRobot mobile app. You don’t have to turn the device on or off for cleaning your rooms it automatically clean as per the timing set by you.

Some other cleaning modes are also offered in the models of Roomba. Like the Spot cleaning mode where the device will thoroughly clean spirally for about 3 feet in diameter and circle back to the starting point. In the Clean mode, which is the normal mode, it will clean the floor by adjusting time and adapting with surrounding and also along the wall.

Recharge and Resume:

The recharge and resume system is available on Roomba 960, i7 and i7+. With this system, if the battery of vacuum cleaner runs out in the middle of cleaning then the device will go to the home base recharge itself and resume the cleaning from where it left. This is a dynamic feature and very important for those who have large rooms and halls.

Roomba Carpet Boost Technology and How it works

The smart sensors of the device senses the carpet increases the vacuum suction and cleans up the carpet bristles deeply. For the debris the dual rubber brushes are provided, one looses and the other picks it up from the carpet bristles.

Power-Lifting Suction- The powerful suction system of the Roomba offers the high-quality performance of picking up dust and debris. The high-end products like i7 and i7+ offer 10X air power suction for premium cleaning and the other models Roomba 960 and Roomba e5 offer 5X air power suction for dust pick up.

Washable bin

The washable bin is available in the new Roomba models e5, i7, and i7+; the other old models don’t have Washable bin. This bin allows you to not just change or clean but also wash your dust bin of the vacuum cleaner.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistant is an advanced technology given in the Roomba models, it allows you to control your smart vacuum cleaner with your voice command. All the models mentioned here are Wi-Fi compatible and can be controlled by voice command through your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Manufacturers have created this vacuum cleaner to be the best home cleaning assistant.

Which Roomba Is Best for Me?

Decide Your Budget: First, you need to set your budget then tally the models that are available in that price range and go with the best option. Please check our comparison chart to make the decision.

Features: For the best features you can always go for the high-end models but it is better to go for the features your room requires otherwise you will end up investing a lot of money in unnecessary features.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

Q: Is Roomba good for hardwood floors?

Yes, all Roomba models provide effective cleaning on floors. It is obvious that efficiency and performance increase with higher price models.

Q: Which Roomba is best for hardwood floors?

Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ are best for hardwood as they offer 10x suction air vacuum power and dual rubber brushes for intensive cleaning of the floors.

Q: Can a Roomba clean multiple rooms?

Yes, it can clean multiple rooms and in high-end models, you can choose which rooms are to be cleaned and which are not. In lower models, you can choose a room but in spite of that, they clean multiple rooms precisely.

Q: Can Roomba handle pet hair?

Yes, the Roomba is designed to take care of the pet hair and allergens of the pets. Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 is good for pet hair but not best.

Q: Which robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 are good for pet hair but not best for pet hair. Except for these two models, all Roomba are best for pet hair. I would recommend you to go for Roomba 960.

Q: Do Roomba work on carpet?

Yes, with precision. The smart carpet boost technology works effectively to clean and dust free carpets.

Q: How often do you have to empty a Roomba?

It depends on the size of the bin and the frequency of the usage of the vacuum cleaner. The i7+ automatically disposes of the dirt of the bin with the automatic dirt disposal technology.

Q: Can I wash my Roomba filter?

Yes, the filters can be cleaned but remember that you should only insert the filter in the device when it is completely dry.

Q: How long a Roomba battery last?

The lower end models like Roomba 675, 690 and e5 can clean the floor up to 90 minutes on a single charge before recharging automatically in the docking station. The high-end models like Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ can run up to 75 minutes which may be little surprising, but they possess the recharge and resume system which is very effective.

Q: How do you empty a Roomba?

When the bin of the Roomba gets full the device indicates the full bin light. Then you need to press the remove bin button and pull out the bin to empty it.

Q: How many years does a Roomba last?

This depends on your usage patterns, how well you take care of the device and regularity of your maintenance. I have been using Roomba 960 for the last 1 year without any issues. Last month I bought the Roomba i7+ for my office and Roomba i7 for my dad office.

Which One Should You Get?

According to me, all the models are quite efficient in terms of their performance. Now the choice should be done on the basis of few factors like price, need, preference etc.

If your budget is high then obviously go for Roomba i7+ or i7.

But if your budget is moderate or low then you choose either of the Roomba 960 and e5.

If you are looking for a basic roomba then you can go for Roomba 675 or Roomba 690. I would recommend you to buy Roomba 690 instead of Roomba 675. It will cost you a few bucks but it’s worth it.

If it comes to the factor of what you need then you should look for the device that suits your house and your living environment. All the devices are great but should smartly choose which model is perfect for you.

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