Top 10 Best Projector Under 200 Dollars

Best Projector Under 200

Finding the best projector under 200 dollars? Then you must read this guide before buying a new projector.

In this guide, I have picked top 10 best projectors under 200 dollars which are available in the market.

A projector is one of the most important gadgets that needed for both personal and office uses.

The projectors can deliver outstanding quality images thus; can be best for the interactive meetings and entertainment purposes.

These projectors will provide you the maximum comfort in terms of budget and operation. Also, read the best projector for 2022 guide.

Top 10 Best Projector Under 200 Reviews

Products NameBrightnessPrice
#1 GooDee Video Projector2200 Lumens
#2 ViewSonic PA503S3600 Lumens
#3 VANKYO Leisure 5103600 Lumens
#4 Dr. J Professional2600 Lumens
#5 VANKYO Leisure 4203200 Lumens
#6 TAINIDI Video Projector3600 Lumens
#7 Wsky Home Theater 2019 New Model3000 Lumens
#8 WiMiUS P183800Lumens
#9 ELEPHAS 3D Mini Projector3600 Lumens
#10 Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector1800 Lumens

1. GooDee Video Projector

When looking for a stunning projector in a reasonable budget, the GooDee Video Projector can serve wonderfully. You can get outstanding sharpness from the projector. The projection size is of a high range. It starts from the 4.4 feet to 18 feet. However this projector can serve you the best while it is placed on a 10 feet projection distance from the screen. The LCD technology light source is present in the projector that provides a number of advantages. It provides with vivid dynamics for color. In dark environments, the projector delivers the outstanding clarity of the video.

The chances of the rainbow effects are low in the projector due to the presence of the LCD technology.  As the LCD technology is attached to the projector it can provide you up to 20,000 hours of service. The GooDee Video Projector provides you with outstanding brightness. With 2200 lux brightness it stands on a lead than other projectors. The projector can be used easily in the outdoors. It provides very low noise as an advanced fan and heat depreciation system is attached on the device. You can get outstanding sound clarity from the projector as a couple of 3W speakers are attached to the projector itself.

The projector comes with the HDMI cable which gives the device outstanding connectivity. The device also gives you the opportunity to use the VGA cables present in the device. The 3.5 mm universal jack is compatible with this projector which makes it easier to connect it with the headphones.

You are able to get this projector under the price range of $200. With all the above features it can be easily counted as one of the leading devices that can serve you with all personal and professional works.

Best For:

The GooDee Video projector is best for outdoor use. It gives clear quality picture when used in outhouse or garages. The device is also best to be used in the darkness for watching movies or sports.

  • The device gives outstanding resolution and clear picture that is a treat for the eyes
  • Full HD video is supported by the device
  • In built speakers provide the higher quality of audio
  • The LCD setup makes the device more credible yet cheaper
  • The HDMI cable present with the device provides higher connectivity with external devices with the device
  • 5 mm universal jack is compatible
  • The projector cannot be mounted where the lens faces down
  • No Audio out port is present in case of the device
  • Might not be a good option for the ceiling mount

2. ViewSonic PA503S

If you are looking for a versatile projector under the reasonable rate, the ViewSonic PA503S is the one you can consider taking. This projector delivers the brightness of 3600 lumens which is outstanding. The projector is available in three variants in regards to the image resolution it delivers. The SVGA variant is the most common that has 800×600 resolutions. The XGA variant is able to give 1024×768 resolutions. The highest resolution is provided by the variant 1680×1050 that is delivered by the WSXGA variant. The 1080p resolution of the picture can be acquired by the WSXGA variant.

The standard variant is available in the market below the price range of $200. You can get outstanding lamp life in this projector which nears 15,000 hours. This is possible due to the presence of the SuperEco mode. The SuperEco mode helps in lesser power consumption which is another unique feature of the projector. With this projector, you can easily get the opportunity to go for the larger projections. This device is able to deliver you a wide projection range. However the best projection range is about 15 feet and 8 inches. The acquired projection of the device at the mentioned projection distance is 30-300 inches.

With the ViewSonic PA503S you can get some outstanding ways of connectivity. It is highly compatible with various digital devices like MACs, PCs, tablets and mobiles. The presence of the HDMI wires and the VGA jacks give way to this versatile connectivity.

You can easily set up this device with ease in case you are a novice in this case. A user-manual is delivered to you with the device and you can easily set-up the device within minutes.

There is a composite audio output in the device however; the in-built speakers are absent in this device.

Best For:

The ViewSonic PA503S projector is best because it can be used for some extraordinary visual features. The educational organizations and small-business organizations can get the best yield from this projector. Apart from carrying a low price this projector carries good overall warranty coverage.

  • Outdoor viewing in the night is outstanding with this device
  • Wonderful connectivity gears result in the connectivity with any device
  • The projector delivers the 16:9 aspect ratios for the full HD videos
  • The device does not overheat
  • No built-in speakers available
  • The device is not built-in with Wi-Fi

3. VANKYO Leisure 510

The VANKYO Leisure 510 is a projector that comes to you with a bucketful of features in the low cost. This projector delivers with a brightness of 3600 lumens. You can get sharp and crispy visuals because the LED light is present in the projector. You can get a long life using the projector because the LED can serve as long as 20,000 hours. Moreover, it helps the projector to consume lesser power. No frequent maintenance is needed for the projector.

You can get the outstanding contrast ratio of 3000:1 and the native resolution of 1280×760 pixels. The built-in fan helps the projector not to develop over-heating. It also restricts the device from producing excess noise.

You can get an exceptional feature with the Leisure 510 projector in terms to the sound. A couple of advanced speakers are present in the projector which helps in easy and quality transmission of the audio. Multiple devices can be easily connected with the projector. The HDMI cables are provided with the device with the help of which you can connect different PCs and mobiles. Gaming consoles can also be connected to the projector for enhanced feeling.

You will get a 3 year long warranty if you buy this projector. A money-back guarantee is offered with this device which you can take within 3 months. The projector comes with the assurance of a lifetime customer support and service.

Best For:

The Leisure 520 is more of an entertainment projector. This device serves the best when connected to the gaming consoles like PS3, PS4 and Xbox. Other entertainment measures are easy to take with this projector too. From surfing in the internet to watching films, this projector helps you to have the ultimate comfort. It can therefore make a place in the list easily as the best multimedia software in the cheapest price. This projector is available in the market under $200.

  • This devices provides outstanding native resolution of 12380×768 pixels enabling you to watch crispy quality of video
  • No external sound box is needed primarily to get access to the audio due to presence of speakers
  • Outstanding connectivity options are provided by the device
  • The overall features are beyond imagination
  • Sound form the speakers can be poor
  • No wireless connectivity is present in the device
  • The device does not come with the cable channel turner

4. Dr. J Professional

If you are craving for fully packed projector with professional features in a lower cost, Dr. J Professional projector is the best for you. The projector gives you the exposure to do a number of jobs. It provides you with a 170 inch display for 6the projection. The device has a color contrast ratio of 2000:1 which helps to maintain the true color combination of the picture. You can thus get a wide range between the picture with the maximum contrast and the minimum contrast. The 2600 Lumens brightness of the projector is balanced in the perfect way between the white-balance mode and the color-balance mode. As a result, you can get the vibrant images using this projector.

The connectivity of the projector is diversified as you can conveniently use the HDMI stick to connect it to the various digital devices and the gaming consoles. The HDMI is built-in for this projector.

In case of prolonged usage, the projector from Dr. J professional outstands as it gives many benefits. The LED lamp has a longer life of up to 50,000 hours. You should not be anxious about the longer periods of usage due to the presence of the advanced cooling system. It restricts the noise of the projector by giving you the opportunity for seamless operation. So, if you want to take a projector to avoid the noise and carry on with your viewing, the projector from Dr. J Professional is your pick. This projector carries the price under the range of $200 so you can easily afford it.

Best For:

The projector from Dr. J Professional is an all-purpose device. It is however, the best home theatre projector one can get. Apart from the LED lamp present in the projector the LCD display is provided by the projector. You can get the best outcome in video viewing and gaming with this projector. It is moreover best for you if you have to go through prolonged sessions of the projections. The diffuse reflection technology is excellently exploited in case of this projector that does not bring fatigue.

  • The device is packed with many outstanding features
  • The projector acts as a one stop destination for entertainment seekers and gamers
  • The display and the brightness are efficiently good
  • Distortions in sound happens when connected to the computer speakers
  • Not appropriate for a dim-light background

5. VANKYO Leisure 420

The VYANKO Leisure 420 is one of the best projectors you can get for extraordinary display.  The LCXD technology is used in the projector that easily provides the brightness to 3200 Lumens. If you are panicking about the image contrast, you will be amazed to know that the projector is able to deliver a ratio of 2000:1 color contrast ratio. Furthermore, one of the best features that the projector is able to deliver is that of the projection distance. You can have the best view of the projected image on keeping the device between the distances of 4ft to 21ft. the image size can range from 40 inches to 200 inches.

If you are in search for a device that provides you the opportunity to get into outstanding virtual reality this projector might prove to be the best for you. The advanced audio system is outstanding in this projector. You can enjoy high-quality bass in case of using this device. However, it might happen that the quality of the in-built speakers might not be good. This phenomenon is rare as the speakers are of advanced quality.

In case you don’t like any feature of the projector, the company is open to make the total refund of your money under a reliable time period.

Having all these features, the projector is not recommendable to be used for the projection of PowerPoint presentation. So, if you are looking mainly for a business projector, this might not be your pick.

Best for:

In the case of VYANKO Leisure 240, you will get the best entertainment to the fullest. The projector has a number of options related to the connectivity. HDMI cable comes complimentary with the device that helps in easier connectivity to the tablets, smartphones, PCs and other devices.

Gaming consoles can also be added with the device as PS3, PS4, Xbox and other leading consoles are fully compatible with the device.

You get all these features in the projector which comes below the price range of $200.

  • The device acts best for delivering entertainment
  • The device is largely compatible with a number of other devices
  • Legal certifications are present for the projectors as the evidence of their standards
  • The device is not recommended for business use
  • PowerPoint presentation might not be given properly
  • The in-built features might create problems

6. TAINIDI Video Projector

If you are in the search for a projector that is compact in size and has a number of features then the TAINIDI Video Projector is obviously your pick. A lot of features are provided in a single device. The LCD display in the projector is able to give you exceptional finish in case of the images. The display size of 5.8 TFT helps in this. You can be benefitted by the life-like colors that the MStar in the projector.  The LED style of lamp helps to increase the longevity of the device. The lamp gives prolonged service as it can be active up to 40,000 hours.

In case of the noise control, the TAINIDI Video Projector comes with advanced fan setup that is attached to it. It reduces the noise of the device and helps to avoid over-heating. This is a main term of benefit as restricted noise enhances your home theatre viewing. In terms of connectivity you will get the HDMI card. It helps the projector to be compatible with several other devices. All gaming and digital devices becomes easily compatible in case of adding the HDMI cable to it. The USB cable is also available with the projector. It is beneficial to connect all the devices that do not support the HDMI cable.

The terms of service and refund are easy in case you want to change the device after buying it. The device carries a warranty for 3 years.

Best For:

The projector can be used for projection in your home. It serves you the best when watching movies, sports or any home entertainment video. You can easily attach the projector in the TV. You should take the projector mainly because this projector can provide you a number or audio and video extensions. The video extensions like .avi/.mp4/.mpg/.asf etc. Audio extensions like .avi/.wmv/.ts/.dat/.mp3. So, it is clear that a wide range of video and audio files can be easily played with the help of this projector. This projector backs a place in this list because it provides all these outstanding features under the price range of $2000.

  • The device is handy because of its compact size
  • The projector is able to run a number of video or audio files
  • The projector provides a longer life
  • This projector can be easily hanged from the ceiling
  • The light might make problems at times
  • The business works might not be perfectly done by this projector

7. Wsky Home Theater 2022 New Model

If you are searching for a projector that serves in an outstanding way in terms of entertainment, Wsky Home Theater 2022 New Model is just for you. In a reasonable budget, this projector is able to give you a number of features. The outstanding image quality is possible due to its LED technology. You can get a wide contrast range which lies in the ratio of 2000:1.

The increased brightness gives way to the enhancing experience of the home viewing in the darkness. You should choose this projector if you want life-like picture quality as you get in the leading cinema houses.

However, this projector is not recommended for the business purpose. So you might not be able to run the computer applications like PowerPoint presentation. In case of the display this projector is able to give you the wide screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

Excellent sound output is one of the main advantages of using this projector. The Dolby speakers are attached to the projector which can give you outstanding clarity. A pair of advanced fans helps to reduce the noise as you can get seamless viewing.

Connection is one of the leading aspects where this projector outstands. You will be able to use the HDMI cables, USB cables and MHL cables with these projectors. A number of game consoles are directly compatible with the device.

Expect good customer service from the company as you can enjoy a flawless service period from the device.

Best For:

The Wsky Home Theater 2022New Model is best for the personal use. It helps you to easily view videos and play games. On buying this projector you will be able to easily troubleshoot. The remote control provided with this projector can give you convenience in case of the operation. The best part of the remote control is that it glows in the dark.  You can easily use it while you are watching the film. All these features are available in the projector just under the $200 price range.

  • A proper screen is not mandatory to play the video with this device
  • The speaker is clear and gives stereo sound
  • Robust service due to multiple connectivity options
  • This device cannot serve the business aspects
  • You might not get accessibility in case of outdated video and audio formats

8. WiMiUS P18

If you are specific about taking a projector that provides you with amazing brightness, the WiMiUS P18 is your obvious pick. Unlike other regular projectors in the price range of $200, it gives you brightness up to 3800 Lumens. Thus, you can get a good balance in the white light aspect and the color aspect of the projector. Expect vivid pictures from the projector. This projector can serve you the best video outcome in case of day and night time use.

If sound output is something you are concerned about, the projector can be convenient for you. The dual speakers available in the projector provide you stereophonic sound enhancing the balance when you view the videos or play games with the help of the projector.

There are a number of connectivity related accessories that you get with the projector. With the help of the HDMI, VGA and USB port you can easily have a wide range of external gadgets right into your grip.

User-friendliness is what you can expect fully from the device. The remote controller and the other ports are easily connectable in case of the projector. You can also get outstanding warranty in case of buying this device. The company is well aware about the customer service. Every projector from the WiMiUS comes with a thank you note.

Best For:

The Projector is best for the user friendliness that you can get. Apart from the above-mentioned features, you can get easy mounting facility. Ceiling mounting for this projector can help you in outstanding views of the bright and vibrant projected picture. As the LCD technology is attached to the device, the best longevity is what you can expect from the device.

  • The device is best for home videos
  • The projector is easily mountable anywhere
  • Vivid image is provided
  • Assured longevity due to the LED lamp
  • The compact design of the projector makes it handy
  • Might not be good for business use
  • No clarity about the computer usage

9. ELEPHAS 3D Mini Projector

If you are in a shortage of budget and looking for a projector that gives 3D clarity in the pictures, you can choose the ELEPHAS 3D Mini Projector. The image provided by this projector can be easily synchronized with the 3D output pictures.

You will also be able to manage wider alignments of picture when viewing the pictures. The auto-keystone function key helps you to adjust the image largely up to 40 degrees. Unlike other regular projectors, this device comes with an in-built wi-fi setup. In terms of convenience, this is one of the most amazing facts given that the price range of the projector is under the price range of $200.

Other connectivity accessories given with this device are the 3.5 mm audio, HDMI cable, USB and the micro USB connectivity.

You can also get enhanced image quality while using this projector as it supports the full HD output of 1080p video.  In terms of the contrast it provides only 1000:1 ratio which is a bit less compared to the other projectors. However, in respect of the features it is well ahead from others.

You can get assured warranty of over a year on buying this projector. In case of servicing and maintenance, you will not have to worry as the company will give full support.

Get the convenience to easily connect with the company. All the servicing done by the company is outstanding.

Best For:

The projector is totally an entertainment based device. It can be used for a number of uses like movies viewing and gaming. Office and business use can be done conveniently using this device as the easy screen sharing feature is present in the device.  You can easily take this projector anywhere you want. It is of light weight and it comes with the hand bag as you can take it anywhere easily.

  • A complete entertainment based device
  • Wi-Fi enabled device
  • A strong hold on connectivity
  • Handy device that comes with the bag
  • Built-in apps are present
  • Restricted contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • The connectivity accessories might be compatible with less external devices

10. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

If you are in the search of a projector that is both beneficial or entertainment and business use, the mentioned projector is your pick.  This projector is studded with some of the most interesting features. You can get a vibrant display with the projector of bout 1080p picture quality.

It is easy to use the commuter software needed for the business and office use with this projector. Try keeping this projector at a 5ft projection distance to get the outcome of an 80 inch crystal clear display. In spite of being a lower budget projector carrying the cost below $200, this projector can act versatile in terms of a multimedia device too. Leading android devices and gaming consoles are easily compatible with the device. The battery of the projector is of 5200mAh that can seamlessly serve you for a couple of hours without needing the charge.

The term of connectivity is vital for any projector; you can attach the HDMI cable in the device with ease.

You can get an easy refund for the device within the first 3 months of buying the projector a 3 years warranty period comes with the device.

Best For:

The projector can serve the best as a mini business station as the multi-screen sharing feature is present in the device. You can easily get the convenience of carrying the projector to many places as it is comfortable to be carried. All these features have made this projector to back a place in the list of 10 best projectors under the budget of $200.  This projector can deliver you HD videos on the go. You can have increased interest of using the projector as it has the LED lamp that consists of longer period of life.

  • This device works both as the business and a personal device
  • It has good picture quality
  • Longer warranty and service period
  • The cables and ports are needed to be bought differently
  • Vibrancy is less in this device
  • Audio devices are not attached to the device
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