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Best Projector

It is obvious that people get confused about choosing the right projector because of its varied specifications.

Therefore, you have to consider several crucial points to choose the right one for your home theater or gaming.

Given here are some best projectors in 2022 which can be your best option too.

You may be interested in the best projector under 200 dollars.

Best Projector 2022 Reviews

Products NameBrightnessPrice
#1 Optoma HD27e3400 Lumens
#2 Epson VS2503200 Lumens
#3 Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra HD3000 Lumens
#4 Optoma GT1080Darbee3000 Lumens
#5 Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless2500 Lumens
#6 BenQ TK8003000 Lumens
#7 Optoma HD143X3000 Lumens
#8 BenQ MH530FHD3300 Lumens
#9 ViewSonic PA503W3600 Lumens
#10 Epson Pro EX72603600 Lumens

1. Optoma HD27e – Home Theater Projector (Editor’s Pick)

Optoma HD27e is basically to rich the cinematic visuals at home with the full HD 1080p 3,400 lumen. If you are making a movie plan at home on weekend, you can enjoy the bright cinematic experience with this projector. The 3,400 lumen is there by which you can control the brightness of the screen. This feature of lumen makes this one perfect to enjoy a sci-fi, thriller or any Hollywood blockbusters in the dark room. The brightness of the screen offered by the projector lit the dark living room and makes it a home theater where you can enjoy the movie and savor popcorns.

It will never cease to give you the perfect movie environment at your own home! It provides stunning picture quality with the feature of Brilliant Color, Reference Display Mode and High Contrast (25,000:1). This package of features makes your cinematic experience more accurate and bright. If you are worrying about power-consumption, then you should take a note that this one is designed with many features to save energy.

It requires minimum maintenance and the lamp hours is also high i.e., up to 12,000 long hours. When it is paired with the blu-ray player it offers an undulating experience of gaming on a high-performance gaming screen. It will easily convert the living room of your house into the large-screen home theater where you can enjoy the latest blockbusters enhanced with the features of levels of deep black and vivid colors.

Best For:

It is best for high home movie experience and outstanding gaming experience as well. Installation and mounting are also flexible in the case of this projector as it has the specification of 1.1x Zoom. It offers easy connectivity with USB power as well as HCMI pair inputs. Thus, it can be easily connected not only with gaming consoles but also with any HD Video Streaming Device. You can enjoy any latest HD video on the big screen of your choices. This projector is best in value for money too as it is available under $500.

  • Movies can be enjoyed in the large screen of 120 inches
  • Life expectancy of the lamp is incredibly high
  • The image displayed is quite sharp and crystal clear
  • Easy connectivity with roku, laptop, and a speaker
  • The life expectancy of the lamp may not be high
  • The lumen higher than 1200 can be hard for the eyes

2. Epson VS250

The 3,200 lumen of the Epson VS250 make it excellent one to use in the well-lit rooms. As it has only 2 audio speakers, it can perform seamlessly and perfectly for power-point presentation for any company or organization. The white brightness will make the color of the presentation more vivid and accurate with equal colors. Due to the presence of 3 LCD, it gives a sharp image quality which can be seen in the room with enough light too.

The SVGA resolution of 800 X 600 is ideal for this projector to make it a great use for commercial as well as official purpose. It helps the project coordinator of any company to prepare everyday graphics and presentations on a large scale. The convenient control and easy adjustment can be enjoyed by anyone with this projector. This is because of the 480,000-pixel dots, digital zoom of 1.0 to 1.35, and focal length of 16.7 mm and F-number of 1.44.

It is improved with the latest smart device compatible. Therefore, it offers the support of HDMI to enjoy the audio and digital video in just one cable. Other media players can also be connected with this projector. It has a facility of connecting only two audio speakers externally so that the audio can be heard perfectly. It is loaded with the Zoom Ring and thus you can rotate the image according to the preference and enlarge it. Sometimes, you can find that the projector has T and W button which offer hassle-free performance in reducing as well as enlarging the image.

Best For:

It is one of the best projectors which can be available under $500. It is widely used for power point presentation. Thus, it can be spotted in various multi-national companies. As it has both manual and automatic sliding correction you can make any kind of project presentation seamlessly and present it during the official conferences. It is compatible with both Mac and Personal Computers and it must be used at a distance of 30 inches to 350 inches to obtain the best result.

  • It is compatible with the latest media players and laptops
  • It offers easy convenient control and image adjustments
  • It is enhanced with manual Easy Slide Correction
  • It is based on Ticino
  • The image quality is not so high
  • It has no good audio output system

3. Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra HD

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra HD is the best option for movie enthusiasts. It has the facility of transforming the hall room of the house into a big theater hall. The resolution of 4K UHD 3840×2160 2160p, 3000 bright lumen, and the cinematic color offers the image bold and beautiful. If you love to see sci-fi, thriller or horror movies then you can undoubtedly choose it as it will give you to enjoy the perfect dark scenes. This facility makes it unique from other projectors.

Moreover, it is started using widely in the multiplex and big movie theaters of the city. The 1080p makes the picture perfect and offer ultimate 4K experience at home.  The feature of UltraDetail creates a great impact on the visual output. This technology is loaded in this projector to provide you with the facility of some manual adjustments. You can adjust the image quality according to your preference and enjoy the highly-detailed image with optimal clarity and sharpness.

The flexible zooming feature allows you to adjust the ratio with the shifting of the vertical lens so that the image can be fitted into the big 140 inches screen. UHD 60 offers you to sit minimum 10-feet away from the screen to enjoy the movie of your choice in a truly 4K immersive experience. It is designed with Single DLP chip system which incorporates you in easy set-up and perfect convergence.

The REC2020 with HDR210 technology of image is incredible in making the broad spectrum of colors matched with the ones which are used in the films, videos, and daily soaps. The high performance of this projector is enhanced by the DMD utilized XPR videos processing technology. It helps in fast switching and displays 8.3 million distinctive pixels at a time.

Best For:

This projector is specifically designed for using it in a large venue with a large screen. Though it is expensive than the others; the features of this projector are quite impressive. The features of the projector make it outstanding for the large venue and if you have any large hall room in your house, you can easily install it there. It will transform that room into a movie theater where you can enjoy a movie or can arrange any confidential conference too for your company or organization.

  • It is HDR compatible
  • Enjoy great visual experience
  • It offers the dark scenes even better
  • It can be used for gaming purposes too
  • It is quite flimsy
  • It needs 4K HDMI cables and HDCP for optimal performance

4. Optoma GT1080Darbee

If you are planning to gift your video game enthusiast kid, a video gaming equipment, then you can undoubtedly choose this one. Along with the generation and innovation in technology, Optoma GT1080Darbee has been introduced in the market with the deep gaming graphics. It is the DarbeeVision Processor that helps in enhancing the texture of the HD video which offers an unimaginable experience to the video game enthusiast.

The feature which enables it to secure a special position in the heart of the movie lovers is Variance of ±5% and 0.49 Throw Ratio. This feature incorporates you in feeling watching a movie in the movie theatre even in the limited space of the house. After the activation of the Improved Game Mode, it offers you enjoy the class performance of video game in just 16ms.  The amazing projector is meticulously designed so that it can cope with the smart devices of the new generation.

Thus, it can be connected with HDMI gadgets like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Google Chromecast. It is even set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles compatible. Spectacular gaming visuals are offered by this projector with the help of the 3000 lumens and full HD 1080p. Keystone correction is also offered with the ± 40 degrees in vertical.

As it has the feature of Maximum Resolution WUXGA Project of (1920 X 1200), the 100 inches image and video can be obtained by placing the projector at 3.5 feet far from the screen. A wide gamut of color can be seen reflecting from the screen. It is because of the Reference Display Mode of REC 709 HDTV. Another interesting point about this projector which makes it the best choice for video gaming is it offers full 3D video and image.

Best For:

It is one of the best gaming projectors which can be available in the market under $1000. Being a gaming projector it is specifically designed with such features which help the teenagers and youngsters to have an outstanding gaming experience. Some of them are the three enhancement profiles- (Full Pop, Gaming and Hi-Def). The latency of the projector is enhanced by the Game Mode and screen technology for better performance in video games.

  • It can be installed by ceiling mounting
  • The picture quality is superb
  • It can be used in the plain textured wall directly with no usage of additional white screen
  • It can be used for short throw too though it is not recommended
  • It has superb sound quality
  • The lamp gets failure easily
  • Not provide the best result in the well-lit room

5. Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless

Make your home the new entertainment hub will all-new Home Cinema 2150 Wireless projector. It is compatible with a number of smart devices for offering you the best quality picture in the large screen. The 2,500 lumen is loaded with both white brightness and several colors. Thus, you can enjoy the latest blockbusters, sports tournaments and TV reality shows in any lighting conditions. As it supports full HD 1080p, the image can be enjoyed with the help of widescreen of 132 inches (11 feet) and 60 inches flat panels.

Due to the presence of fantastic Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 60,000:1, it deepens the dark scenes along with the improvement of the projection technology. These facilities promote frame interpolation and image enhancement for offering the true-to-life, sharp as well as smooth images. You may have seen many projectors which have the compatibility of Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, laptop, and other multimedia devices. But, this one is completely different from those. It has the potential to compatible with the Miracast which enable you to connect the Window 10 and 8.1 gadgets with it.

Android can be also connected with it through the Miracast. It helps in wireless screen mirroring and you can go through any apps, videos, and photos those are saved in the Smartphone. The 3LCD technology promotes the clarity of the picture by eliminating the rainbow effect. As it offers a vibrant image, one can use it for gaming purposes at the same time. The in-built 10W speaker along with the facility of 1.6x zoom makes this projector unique to watch any kind of movie on the weekends.

Best For:

This projector is available in the market below $1000. It is superb in high performance and to enjoy the sports and other TV reality shows. It is voted as the 1st choice of the people of the country for its overwhelming image quality. Color procession of 10 full bits is also offered with this projector for the improvised reflection of the matching colors of the film and other TV shows.

  • A 3D picture with an enhancement of 3600e
  • The image has been improved with the DLP native contrast
  • It is loaded with a noise-less iris
  • The cost of the bulb is quite low
  • It has color lumens
  • It is not up to the mark for a theater experience
  • Charging facility is not supported

6. BenQ TK800

BenQ TK800 is loaded with the 4k UHD resolution which makes the picture crystal clear along with the definition of the crisp details. The brightness of less than 3000lm makes the picture quality balanced for the high visuality.  Vivid colors can be found in this projector with the REC 709 which helps the cinemaholic to enjoy the movie at any time of day and in any condition of the room despite being lighted and dark.

Contrast and brightness of the image are rendered by the Hyper-realistic HDR 10. It promotes natural tone and Auto HDR color which improves the image quality visibly. Due to its sleek design, light weighted and compact profile the installation process is so easy and simple. Moreover, if you want you can install it by ceiling mounting too.  It is loaded with Immersive Sports Experience and thus the sports enthusiast can make its day by sitting at home and enjoying the famous tournaments like FIFA, Wimbledon, Australian Open, and ICC Cricket World Cup and so on.

It is enhanced with the 2,200 lumen which plays an important role in offering 8.3 million unique pixels. This makes the video quality stunningly lively and makes the color rendering and image optimization in just a simple step. This projector is loaded with single DMD chip and DLP technology of 0.47 inches. Thus, it is the best option to enjoy the uncompromising entertainment whereas it is any sports tournaments or Hollywood blockbusters. Apart from sports mode, the projector can be customized with the Vivid TV mode, Cinema mode, and Bright mode.

Best For:

This projector is expensive than the others but is perfect for converting your living room into an entertainment hub. The light facility will make the entertainment hub ideal for watching any movies and reality shows. It has been improved with the optical image with pure 4K optimization which helps in offering you with the precision of ultimate fine image. Now, you don’t have to go to any multiplex for enjoying the movie. Just sit with some refreshments and snacks at home and enjoy the latest movie in a home theater alike to the multiplex.

  • Improved with in-built sports and light mode
  • It proffers great colors of the image
  • It is compatible with other smart devices
  • It is available with the flexible HDMI fiber optic cable
  • It offers a theater whose light can be controlled
  • It creates an annoying noise
  • It has only limited HDR support

7. Optoma HD143X

Are you looking for such a projector which not only offers the best performance but also convenient to carry anywhere? Then, you must choose Optoma HD143X. While purchasing this projector, this means you have bought a new era of cinematic experience, especially for home. It has 1080p 3000 lumen which provides you with an extraordinarily sharp quality of the video. Therefore, one can blindly choose this for having an unusual experience of watching the movie, sports tournaments and video games at home.

The stunning picture quality is enhanced by the High Contrast (23,000:1), RGB and Reference Mode. All these create a deadly combination and deliver the accurate colors and brightness which give a perfect movie theater experience. The REC 709b and REC 709 are actually useful in contribution for the improvisation of the color space. The lamp life is high and it will last for 10 long years even if you watch movies for two years on a daily basis.

The Throw Ratio and Flexible Zoom of 1.47 to 1.62 and 1.1X zoom make this projector the ideal one for easy installation at any space in indoor as well as for outdoor purposes. The screen size on which it can impose its reflection can be maximum 300 inches. It possesses flexible connectivity and can support the connection with the USB power, 12V trigger, 3D sync port, audio-out and lots more. Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, and 2x HDMI are the other devices which can be connected with this projector at the same time.

Best For:

It is the best under $500 projector which can be easily carried to anywhere at any time. The lightweight of the projector makes the facility of taking it away hassle-free. It is widely used both for gaming as well as for entertainment. It has been included in this list because of its impeccable features in such a reasonable price. It eliminates the issue of rainbow light completely and offers a bright image every time you turned it one for watching movies or gaming purposes.

  • It offers the 3D picture
  • The longevity of the lamp is extremely high
  • It can be connected with other smart devices
  • It can be used for gaming as well
  • It can be adjusted to any screen space despite big or small
  • Noise is there where it is switched on
  • Zoom facility is limited to some extent

8. BenQ MH530FHD

BenQ MH530FHD gives a simple and reliable performance at home. It has a big picture quality with convenient digital connectivity. The power saving quality of the projector attracts the users. The 3,300 lumens of brightness provide comfortable lights on entertainment. The high boosts picture quality with vibrant color for videos and pictures gives fine details to them. It has two-megapixel high-resolution delivers ultra-sharp readability that enhances picture detail.

The dual HDMI inputs and dual VGA inputs make easy to connect to your favorite game, movie or event. In comparison to other projectors, it has triple adjustment feet to enhance the flexibility in the meeting rooms and helps to facilitate easy movement. It includes a new remote control, which instantly accesses the installation of friendly functions like test patterns, etc. The lamp door is easy to open that allows fast lamp access.

If you have a low budget then it can be appreciable for you as it comes under $500. If the projector is ceiling mounting in meeting rooms then replacement of uninterrupted productivity will take place. It has low maintenance cost because of its eco-friendly optimization. It has vertical keystone function which helps to adjust the image for a professionally square image. It keystone correction feature makes easy to project ideally aligned images from different locations.

Triple adjustment feet enhance the flexibility of the projector so that it can reach to the corner of the room. It reduces power saving up to 70% of lamp power while delivering the finest image without compromise. The Eco Blank Mode automatically gets active after 3 minutes of inactivity. It automatically powers down after 20 minutes of inactivity. It maximizes the energy saving when the projector is connected but not in use.

Best for:

It is best for home as well as for working place as it has bright and big picture quality. The high brightness quality provides comfortable lights on well-lit meeting rooms. It provides a sharp contrast for razor-sharp scenes so that each person can see it.

  • It includes powerful 15000:1 ratio of contrast by DLP technology
  • It has 5G optimal lens systems deliver ultimate clarity to the pictures, videos or presentations
  • The technology includes a system of smooth gradational color transitions
  • Full HD 1080p resolution enhances the productivity for professional presentations
  • Have multiple standard inputs that make setup easier and save time
  • The extra efficiency typically comes at the cost of some color accuracy and saturation
  • The speakers are really quite even if in full volume you cannot hear the sound from the very far

9. View Sonic PA503W

It is a versatile projector with a user-friendly design. It has advanced audiovisual features, which helps you to endeavor the clear knowledge of anything. It makes the learning situations as real as possible. It is a big screen projector, which can be set up and control easily. You have to plug the projector and the projector is ready to show you the presentations, pictures, videos anything you want to see. It supports mobile devices, PCs, media players and Macs with some input options like VGA, HDMI, and many others.

The energy saving SuperEco mode of this projector allows the lamp to maintain its brightness up to 15,000 hours and reduce power consumption up to 70%, but it may vary on actual usage of the projector. You can get it at an affordable price as it comes under $500. The exclusive Super Color technology offers a wider color range that gives the lifelike image output.

The power saving setting that helps to reduce the electricity bill. It switches from normal to the former whenever you leave it without working on it for 5 minutes. It can be controlled by remote so that you do not have to come repeatedly to change the brightness, color, sound, etc.

Best For:

It is used in educational areas as it makes the learning process conceptual and more effective. The audiovisual quality of the projector grabs the attention of the students and provides them with a realistic approach and experience. This projector is also useful in small business environments as well. It is a type of WXGA HDMI Projector, which have flexible connectivity.

  • It has advanced presentation tools, which helps to manage the time and it helps to hide images on the screen on various on various points on the time of presentation
  • It performs well in the low light as it provides more than enough brightness and avails you clear pictures or presentations
  • The two VGA inputs and outputs are available for several displays
  • It has the 2-watt speaker that ensure a good quality audio
  • It has a smart feature of Blank timer that helps to refocus the audience’s attention during the presentation
  • Only one HDMI input is available with the projector, the HDMI cable is not included in the package

10. Epson Pro EX7260

This is a wireless projector, which provides beautiful images or work presentations that creates shine to the project. It has 1280X800 resolutions with 1 billion colors, which gives vivid detail of the pictures or presentations. It displays colorful images even in well-lit offices and conference rooms. It has optical zooming option that helps you to view images on detail.  The remote will allow you to control the projector from anywhere in the room. It projects up to 26.66′, which include 33″ to 320″ screen size that reaches large groups of viewers. The UHE lamp has ECO mode that provides up to 10,000 hours of life and 6,000 hours of life in normal mode.

Except for projector in the package, it also includes some other things related to it like batteries, carrying case, etc. in the package. It can be the best projector within $700 for your work. The most beneficial thing is it has a wireless design so that you can access it with mobile devices without connecting it with any cord or cable so that you can port it without facing any discomfort of wiring.  The keystone correction helps to eliminate disfigurement of the image. It can automatically correct the images for vertical display angles and allows manual correction for horizontal angles.

Best For:

It can be an excellent business presentation projector. It is capable of a solo visiting presenter to enterprise-class presentations. It offers multiple methods to display content by using a Smartphone, computer, laptop or any other memory stick. The manufacturers give the warranty period so that you can repair it if required.

  • It has 3LCD and 3-chip technology that provide clear and beautiful images.
  • The brightness of 3,600 lumens and 15000:1 ratio of contrast delivers a strong contrast between black and white for color saturation.
  • It includes a USB cable, a VGA cable, user manual CD, a soft carrying case and batteries with it.
  • The weight of the projector is 5.51 lb so that it can be easily handled and portable with the wireless design.
  • Up to 320″ screen size to reach the distant place.
  • It has a limited wireless connection, if you are connecting it with any mobile device like a Smartphone or tablets then you have to be with it at the time of working.
  • It is too much loud and sometimes got really hot while working.
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